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Service is at the core of what a D/s dynamic is built on.  For a Dominant who loves to care, guide and provide, or a submissive who loves to serve and please, seemingly nonsexual acts of service spark a flame of excitement and passion inside.  It is important for you to bring forth what you excel at.

femdom kelly sunshine sitting on ground in black dress with sunflowers and red ribbed tights

Dominants provide for their pets in infinite ways.  We bring a unique type of happiness and satisfaction that can only be found through this special time spent together. As in any type of relationship, we each seek out that experience for our own personal reasons. Regardless of what those reasons are, it is more rewarding when both people decide to come together to make the encounter pleasurable for all involved.

Negotiating Desire

The D/s dynamic is a give and take relationship that requires care and balance.  This lifestyle is often misunderstood and seen as strange in certain ways, but I believe it to be a wise way of being. In order to successfully navigate the intricacies of any sort of relationship with another person, you must make a conscious effort to work on communication skills. With communication comes clarity, and with clarity comes contentment.

In a D/s dynamic, much negotiating is required, and therefor, we find ourselves talking often. We talk about what we want, what we like, how to push our boundaries and how to create the life that brings us the most joy. Creating joy in each others’ lives is what it’s all about. It is about more than just sex, indulgence or release. It is about the betterment of both people as humans.


Some of the most crucial needs a person may have are not sexual in nature. They often present as a lesson in selflessness and generosity. That being said, for a Dominant who loves to care, guide and provide, or a submissive who loves to serve and please, these seemingly nonsexual acts still spark a flame of excitement and passion inside.

Being an efficient partner, participant, Dom or sub means looking inside yourself. What are you capable of providing? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Pay attention to both praise and criticism to gain insight. Don’t be afraid to ask how you can do better, and be willing to help your Dom or sub learn these things about themselves as well as about you.

femdom kelly sunshine receiving foot massage service from submissive male slave

Serving Goddess Kelly

My submissives often ask how they might please or serve me.  Service is at the core of what a D/s dynamic is built on. Bring forth what you excel at.  It is about making my life easier and more enjoyable by using what you have to offer to your advantage. It is expressing your gratitude for all I do for you and the good times we have. You know that I show my gratitude towards you in my own ways as well.

Domestic Service

You may gravitate towards domestic service, finding the clear cut start to finish task of cleaning to bring you comfort. Whether it’s deep cleaning my house and organizing once a month, or coming over to pick up after a day of sessions; you take the stress and responsibility off my shoulders. You are useful when I have something to fix or a light bulb to change. Building things or painting is your strong suit.

Art and Creativity

If you’re artistic, you can make me smile by making something magnificent for me.  Help me decorate, pick out new furniture, or design graphics for my website.  Bring over your camera and let’s have a photo shoot.  Come and create with me.

Make My Tummy Smile

If you are a great cook, whip up a delicious vegan meal for me for dinner, take me to a fabulous restaurant, or even do my grocery shopping. Brew me espresso in the morning to start my day happy. Bring me sweets or home brewed beer after a long day of filming.


Help me de-stress. Rub my feet and massage my back while diffusing relaxing essential oils. Read me poetry and play the piano or guitar. Learn to paint my nails.

This is what spoiling looks like.

femdom goddess kelly sunshine lounging on couch with barefeet

Long Distance Service

If you live too far to see me frequently, there are other ways you can keep me happy.  Tribute generously to give me what I desire. Stay in touch through text and Skype.  Take me out to eat, buy my morning coffee each day, pick up tickets for a show I want to go to, book an appointment at the spa, help me with my business and show your unyielding support. Show me you care and you are serious about serving.

This is all part of being the best you you can be.

Updated April 2018


This short form is required if you want a chance to serve in any way:

I am available for online servitude; slave training, mental domination, hypnosis, Goddess worship, findom, humiliation, foot fetish and cuckolding through skype, text, kik, and clips.

I do cash point meets, in person Pro-Dom sessions, and allow regular servitude at My discretion.

There are a few types of subs I am seeking. Understand these positions are a privilege. They are about what I want. Half-assing My requests in order to spend time with Me will not be tolerated. Topping from the bottom will get you blacklisted.

I stay busy and am only interested in those who wish to make My life easier and help Me reach My goals.  All positions will begin with an in person meet or drinks/coffee so I can get to know you.  If you are respectful and obedient,  I will put you in consideration for regular use.

Clip Slave
– Must book initial paid session with me so I can guarantee we will work well together.
– Be willing to perform in clips or have our time together recorded.
– Specifically looking for those interested in taking some abuse; impact play, cbt, ballbusting, etc…
– I’m interested if you have access to a beautiful/interesting/kinky location to film at, regardless of if you’re performing or not.
– Bonus points if you are attractive or have special knowledge or skills in a specific fetish.  Bring something to the table.

– An attractive, submissive, masochistic pain slut.  Open to any gender, but particularly love beating up big/tall dudes.

Financial Slave
– Take me shopping, out to dinner and events, pay for My lifestyle.

Fem Sub
– Seeking fem pets for personal play and clips.



Let Me know where you fit in. Fill out My meet request form and I’ll get back to you.


It is quite adorable to Me how many men come to Me with the same little “secret”…  They get so shy and nervous letting certain words slip out of their mouths.  It’s great to witness the blend of shame and relief that washes over their face when they finally confess the secret desires they’ve been keeping inside for years.  You’re not alone.  You may think you’re the only guy who has these sexual fantasies running through your mind, but let Me share the truth.  That’s why you come to Me and look to Me for guidance and wisdom.  Goddess always knows best.

This fantasy is much more common than you think, and that’s why I want to be the one to encourage all men to explore it to the fullest.  It’s time to give in to your desire to be a cock sucking slut.  You can only run from it for so long.  When something is nagging at the back of your mind for years, eventually you must give in.  I’m here to give you permission to indulge.  Let go of inhibition and go for what you truly want.  It’s what I want for you, too.


Fetish aside, I think there is something powerful to be said about sharing a sexual experience with another person of your same sex or gender.  The feeling of familiarity in sharing intimate sensations you can both relate to.  If it were up to Me, everyone would be pansexual.  Think outside of what you were always told to believe and open your mind.

Now back to the kinky stuff.  Once you’ve let down your guard and accepted that I want you to be a fully sexual being, we can focus on turning you into a sex robot for Princess.  No limits, no boundaries, no restraint.  Your only guidelines are the ones I give you.  It always works out better when I do the thinking for you, and this situation is no different.  No thoughts, no protest, just surrender.  It feels so good to give in.

I’ve created this slut training series just for you.  The purpose is to condition your mind to the idea of being a fuck slut and using your mouth for My amusement.  I want you to suck cock.  You need to suck cock.  I want to break down the walls you have of being used by Me with men and guide you down the path of sluttiness.  This is a perfect first step.  When you’ve finally taken cock, the rest of your slut transformation will come even easier.

Practice each step for a week, and soon enough you’ll be on your way to the slutty life you were meant for.

Complete these slut training tasks in order with the corresponding videos:


You’re Only as Straight as Princess Says


Practice your Slut Skills


Showing Off The Whore


Whore yourself Out


It’s Time to Take Cock


Suck your Friends Cock


I’ve started a new training series called Weekly WisDomme. The first installment is about female dominance and male submission.  I’ll be releasing a new clip every Monday. Mondays are hard for a lot of people. Getting into the habit of beginning your week with purpose and intention will help ease some of the anxiety. Rather than just struggling through the motions, it is more effective to create meaning in life. Finding that meaning can be difficult. Many submissive men find comfort in surrendering to the guidance and training of a powerful, dominant woman. Trusting your Domme and accepting her teachings with obedience frees up room in your mind to truly grow.

If you desire to be a good submissive, you must constantly work on bettering yourself. It is not only your responsibility to Me, but to women everywhere. In a society built on the oppression of women, as a man, you must hold yourself and your peers accountable.

If you sincerely love and worship women, that adoration must extend past the five minutes it takes you to jerk off to one of My clips. There is a difference between sexual objectification, and playing a consensual role. When I instruct your behavior or to embrace your sexuality, it is appropriate to get into that mind set. After our scene is done, I still fully expect your respect, regardless if the focus is based on sex or not. I want you to take the respect you have for Me and other women you admire and let it translate into your treatment and outlook of all women.

You must unlearn subconscious thought patterns and behaviors that are holding you and women back. Open your mind and take the first step in becoming a real man. Humiliation and degradation are hot fantasies, but at the core of every sub, he must strive to be the best he can be for his Domme. Use the energy you gain from the excitement of surrender and vulnerability to look inside yourself. Become the type of man who can impress your Goddess. Submissive men have a very important job in helping to create a beautiful world for the women they adore. You may feel weak and inferior to other men, but the fact is, your submission is meant for women. Lead the way for stubborn “alpha” guys (a term I personally despise and don’t believe in.) Male submission can be a positive healing tool for society. It is more than just sex. Male training is necessary for progress.

Learn more every week with My WeeklyWisDomme Training Series


#1 – Introduction to Female Dominance

Watch the preview here:


FemDomme in black flowy dress squatting with bare thighs.

I truly believe one of the most simple yet pure ways a submissive can surrender to their Goddess is through pleasure control (or orgasm control.) Sexual pleasure is one of the most basic human functions. For most of us, sex feels great. We crave it, fantasize about it, seek it out. Some of us are insatiable, constantly looking for the next experience or gratification. Some desire one partner they can put all their trust in, learning about each other through curiosity and growth every step of the way. Regardless of your wishes and your sex drive, surrendering control of one of the most intimate aspects of yourself is a big decision. I find it immensely sensual and a huge turn on to be given that kind of power.

This feeling was very thought provoking to Me because it brought up a potential contradiction in My beliefs. Being polyamorous, I had a hard time understanding disallowing your submissive to play freely with whoever they chose. It is naive to think any human will be able to maintain sexual (or otherwise) attraction to only one person. The more I thought about it, the more I realized, that is not even the idea in question here. It is not about hoarding My subs all to Myself and cutting off their oxygen to breathe a sense of pleasure in others. It is about training, obedience, loyalty, care, and control. The thought of letting My sub play with another is a turn on for Me. But even more so, it turns Me on to be the decision maker in allowing a situation where My sub will experience pleasure. It gives Me the capability to let go and allow them to experience things on their own, knowing I am still with them, guiding and nurturing them. When a sub feels loved, accepted and cared for, they will come back full of joy and affection like the good puppy I trained them to be.

Many take monogamy as the standard for any type of relationship, but most don’t mention the rules on the submissive’s masturbation habits. Again, I think being given this type of control is extremely hot. Even if you aren’t the type of person to want to have sex with multiple people (or anyone at all, if your D/s relationship doesn’t include that,) nearly everyone still masturbates. I mean, you probably wouldn’t even be on this site if that statement didn’t apply to you. 😉 Pleasure and orgasm are powerful things. They can relax you, build intimacy with your partner, help you let go of control, or they can also easily control you. I have found many men to have issue with the latter. It is true, the release can easily become addictive, habitual, and mechanical. This is one of the reasons the sex lives of many couples eventually fizzles out. When pleasure and orgasm are taken for granted, they become an expected demand rather than a sensual gift. It becomes harder and harder to reach satisfaction, and eventually one begins to act out.

If a submissive spends too much time masturbating to get a quick fix, they inevitably will find it difficult to bring their best to the bedroom. I am a firm believer in self exploration to learn how to be a better partner, but many tend to abuse that potential. If you are simply jerking off to release with no thought, you are tiring your body without exercising your mind. Showing up to playtime lacking passion and creativity is a turn off for all involved, and will eventually lead to boredom and resentment.

Part of the beauty and appeal of D/s relationships is the ability for the sub to trust the wisdom of their Dom/me. Dominants are caretakers and protectors, providing guidance and training to their subs. Something as basic as requiring a submissive to ask permission before touching themselves can go great lengths in deepening a bond and heightening sexual and energetic pleasure. It builds gratitude and appreciation not only for the physical sensations, but for the connection. When a sub knows their pleasure is in the hands of another, the feelings associated with the entire thing become a shared experience. Not just the release, but the anticipation, frustration, excitement, reliance, suspense and relief. It holds the potential to be so much more than just a 2 minute quickie in the bathroom!

Put yourself to the test with My new chastity and orgasm control series.

Pt 1 - Try Lasting One Week
Part 1 – Try Lasting One Week

Part 2 – Patience Has Its Reward

It Gets Harder Before It Gets Easier

Part 3 – It Gets Harder Before It Gets Easier


Part 4 – Orgasm is a Privilege

I am soooo excited about all the upgrades and updates in my life!  As most of you know by now, I recently purchased a full HD camcorder; the Canon Vixia HF G30.  Clip sales and custom clip orders have skyrocketed with this awesome advancement.  I look so amazing, and the sound quality is greatly increased with an external mic.  Wow!  See for yourself.  I created a short clip talking about the update, and have many new femdom videos filmed with this camera in My clip stores now.

Pink Haired Goddess in Leopard Print Bra Talking Into Camera Kelly-Sunshine-Femdom-Powerful-Mind-Fuck-2 Kelly-Sunshine-Curing-Premature-Ejaculation-2

Findom Princess in shiny fetish lingerie and bikini Kelly-Sunshine-Punch-Balls-for-Feet-Humiliation-2

I also JUST launched a member section to My website!  Go look at the FREE preview video.  It’s sooo sexy!!!


I have been thinking about doing this for a long time.  I really want a place I can communicate with all My favorite submissives at once.  This seems like the perfect way to do that.  I want to be able to interact with you all easier.  One of the parts I’m most excited about is the (free) member cam sessions!  I’m thrilled at the prospect of having all the addicts who worship Me most handing over power at once…  I think we might break the internet…  *evil grin*  These will happen at least once a month, if not once a week, depending on how it goes. 😉 Every week I’ll be adding multiple pic sets and at least one clip.  ALL content is exclusive, so members (aka My most devoted slaves) will be the only ones EVER lucky enough to see it!!!  Don’t you feel special already?

Here is a list of everything you will get for only $29.99/mo (or as low as $19.99/mo):

  • Free member cam sessions
  • Discounted one on one webcam or phone sex worship sessions
  • Discounted custom clips
  • 3+ exclusive pic sets each week
  • 1+ exclusive femdom / fetish clip each week
  • Monthly raffle to win panties, socks, custom clip, sessions, etc… Just for being a member!
  • Access to My new Skype username for chatting

This is just the beginning, boys.  I can’t wait to think up even more fun things for us to do together as time goes on.  Let’s take this to the next level.  I’m ready to see who is serious about serving and who’s just a little useless bitch!!!  I command you to join NOW!

XoXo, Princess Kelly Sunshine

Sexy fit Financial Domination Princess in mini dress and 8 inch high heels

I turn Myself on more than anyone else ever could.

I love dominating weak bitches like you, and I’m fucking good at it, too.  My site has more free jerk off material than you even deserve, so read up on what makes Me hot.  If you want to discuss more, send a tribute!  I will not tolerate time wasters.  Give Me a call through NiteFlirt, or let’s chat on Skype.

I offer phone sex chat, live webcam shows, custom and pre-recorded femdom, fetish and tease clips, typed chat and email assignments.

VIP SLAVES who join My member site will receive even more personalized attention.  Join now and see what I mean…

What kind of kinky slave bitch are you?  Here are some of My favorite fetishes:

Financial Domination – Pay Pig, Human ATM, Cash Slut, Wallet Rape

You find extreme satisfaction and fulfillment in handing over all your hard earned cash.  Why should I have to work when I have losers like you to do it for Me?  I live the Princess Life while you slave away.  You are so lucky to have the chance to pay for My glamorous lifestyle!  I enjoy meticulously controlling your budget, cradling your life in My hands and totally controlling how you live.  Better yet, let Me FUCK your wallet and drain every penny you have!  I am cruel, greedy and have no fucking limits.  I want it all, and I am never satisfied.

Foot Fetish – Foot Slave, Stockings & Socks Addict, High Heel Worship

You kiss the ground I walk on, crawling behind my soft, beautiful size 10 feet. Begging for the chance to taste, lick, suck & smell my perfect toes and sexy soles.  Worship, spoil and pamper My feet.  Pay for My pedicures and foot massages, buy Me heels, socks, stockings and nail polish.

Humiliation – Small Penis Humiliation, Cum Eating Instruction, Strap On Training, Forced Bi, Public Humiliation, Verbal Abuse

What could be better than putting you in your place with a heavy dose of SHAME?!  I can’t believe the degrading, humiliating things I get you freaks to do for Me.  If we end our session with you red in the face, totally mortified and embarrassed, or better yet – crying, I’ve done My job.

Forced Intox – Drunk and High Weak Fucking Idiot

Wow, loser.  You’re stupid weak enough as it is.  Once I force a substance on you on top of that, whether it be alcohol, poppers or weed, the possibilities for My taking advantage of you are literally endless.  Until you pass out like a little bitch, that is.  You’ll wake up the next day, totally drained of all your cash and your pride.  You are so fucking dumb.  It just feels so good to lose control.

Sissification & Feminization – Sissy Slut, Dress Up Doll, Bimbo, Whore

Who’s a good little slut for Princess?  Is that you?  Let Me turn you into the best whore you can be.  Satin panties, sheer stockings, lacy lingerie, stripper heels, red lipstick, shiny nail polish, tight miniskirts, push up bras, feminine wigs, maybe even a new ass or breast implants!  Of course once I have you looking pretty as ever, I’m going to make SURE you become totally addicted to cock and cum.  After all, that’s what whores are good for!

Chastity – Locked Up Loser

How many hours do you waste each day, tugging at your useless dick, when you could be serving Me?  You need to be trained and controlled.  The best and easiest way for Me to exert My power over you is to completely control your cock and your orgasms.  Pleasing Me will be your #1 priority.

Blackmail – Exploited and Owned Blackmailed Bitch

Do you need a bit of pure terror in your life?  There’s nothing like having a powerful Goddess holding your life and reputation in her hands!  It’s so easy for Me to seduce and manipulate personal information and secrets out of you.  Will you be able to please Me?  Or will I tell the world what a fucking pervert you are?!  Maybe I’ll call your wife, your boss, or even your mom!  Better hope you have your payments ready as soon as I demand!


An incompetent excuse of a man like you definitely isn’t getting laid. You already know you’ll never be good enough for Me. I still enjoy keeping you around just for the thrill of teasing you. Humiliating you with the real men I choose to sleep with, allowing you to live vicariously through My sex life as an obedient cuckold.  Maybe I’ll lock you up in chastity, unable to even stroke as I force you to watch Me moan in pleasure while My lovers makes me orgasm over and over. If you’re good I might let you lick up the mess, but that’s the most you’ll ever even dream of getting!  Understand it is your job to pay for My dates and the sexy outfits I wear on them.

Hypnosis, Mind Fuck, Mind Control and Brainwashing

Every time you talk to Me I am subtly rewiring your thoughts.  Your life will revolve around Me, and you will become addicted, whether the process is a slow growing obsession or an immediate full blown mind fuck.  Mind games are My favorite type to play.  Getting inside your head is easy for Me and I have many tricks up My sleeve…  You have been warned.



  • Princess is always right.
  • Do not bother Me until you have sent a tribute.  If you want to chat, call My phone sex line.
  • I decide how much My time is worth.  If I tell you to send more than I did yesterday, don’t question it.
  • Don’t ask for discounts.  Serving Me is a luxury.
  • If you pre-pay and leave during our session, our session is over.  There will be no splitting up into two sessions etc.  You will need to pay again.  Same rule applies if you pay and then tell Me you can’t do the session now.  Rescheduling is a burden to Me and therefor not an option.
  • If you want Me to consider you as My slave, you will buy all My clips and tribute regularly without being prompted.
  • Always spoil and know your place.
  • No fucking complaining.

This blog post is long over due, obviously hahaha.  I’ve been spending all My time making super hot femdom clips!  I do enjoy keeping you Princess addicts up to date on My life, though.  Any way, as you know, I went to the yearly Vegas meet up in January for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

Group of Dommes from standing out front of Giada in Vegas

Kinkbomb Dinner at Giada


The Vegan babes. ;) Love Amara Noir. <3

The Vegan babes. 😉 Love Amara Noir. <3

I had such a lovely time hanging out with all the beautiful Dommes.  Kinkbomb hosted many amazing dinners and parties and we all had the most incredible time.  You losers would just die if you could even breathe the same air as all these gorgeous Dominant women!  So much hotness in one place!

Group of Dommes and party people partying in a club

Kinkbomb party at Beacher’s Mad House

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(30) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(29) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(28) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(26) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(25) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(14)

My hotel room at Vdara was stunning, gorgeous and relaxing.  I took quite a few phone and webcam calls on Skype and NiteFlirt while lounging in My comfy bed, sipping champagne and ordering room service (paid for by you pay pigs, of course!)  Made so much cash draining you pay bitches, hahaha.  Vacationing as a Financial Dominatrix is so much fun because I literally don’t have to pay for anything Myself.  I don’t have to worry about anything because it’s all paid for by My addicted submissive slaves.

Goddess in black shiny rubber bikini laying in hotel room bed

Draining bitches on webcam from My hotel room bed.

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (4) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(5) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (3) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (6) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(17)

I filmed with quite a few very attractive friends and had so much fun.  We made some awesome fetish content and had a blast.  Like, seriously?  For our job we get to party and be hot and kinky and make sexy videos and dominate losers.  What a life!

Dominants at the bar

Buying expensive drinks at the bar with pay pig money with Princess Lacey and Aiden.

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(24) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (35)

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (19) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(1)


I filmed all sorts of femdom clips with Miss London Lix – Home Wrecker, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Orgasm Control, Femme Fatale, Executrix, and Shiny Fetish.

Gorgeous Female Dominants in shiny fetish clothing

Filming evil femdom clips in shiny outfits with London Lix!

I did some hot bratty Financial Domination clips with Princess Lacey, as well as foot and shoe / boot fetish.  I did My first trampling clip ever with her and Jason Ninja.  I can only imagine how jealous you foot fetish freaks were, imagining My feet being all over YOUR pathetic face!  Haha, in your dreams, bitch.

Filming a hot, bratty trampling clip with Princess Lacey and Jason Ninja.

Filming a hot, bratty trampling clip with Princess Lacey and Jason Ninja.

Aiden and I did some majorly hot alien babe Giant/ess and shrinking fetish clips, in our hot outfits and sexy boots!

Bow down, losers.

Bow down, losers.

Honestly, kinky people are the best people.  All the friends I made in Vegas are some of the greatest people ever.  Which leads Me to mention how absolutely excited I am to be meeting up with many of them again this August for FetishCon in Florida!  You findom slaves know it is your life’s purpose to fund all the amazing things I do in life, living vicariously through My pleasure.  It pleases you to make Me happy, and the only way most of you little subs can do that is with your wallet.  Open up wide, piggy, it’s time to spend.  Be a good boy and send tributes through IWantClips.  It feels so good to obey. 🙂

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (22) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(21) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015-(23)

You are WELCOME for this update, I am sure you thoroughly enjoyed it!  I loved reminiscing on these photos and I can’t wait to play with My hot friends again soon.  Be sure to buy all My new femdom, humiliation, financial domination and other fetish clips.  True, devoted slaves buy them ALL.  You want to be the best at *something* don’t you??? 😉  P.S. I updated My Amazon Wishlist and am now accepting summer findom slaves!  Contact Me for more info…

Manipulation is My specialty and it is oh so much fun. 😉  I love watching boys go from curious and excited to totally helpless, mind fucked and hooked.  Fetish and female financial domination effect you just like any other drug or addiction.  In fact, that is My favorite part – being witness to your rapid demise.  Once I have My claws in you, there is no turning back.  You may try to run.  You may skip a few days of buying My clip uploads.  You might not cross paths being online at the same time as Me on Skype.  You might think you have finally beat this.  Hahahaha, you fucking idiot.  I’ll always be here.

Young Dominatrix sitting in chair showing off thighs and 8 inch spiked stiletto heels

Kiss My 8 inch spiked stiletto heels!

I’ll always be embedded deep inside your subconscious, no matter how hard to try to rid your mind of Me.  A feeling so intense as the one you get when you are down on your knees surrendering to your Goddess, well, a feeling like that can never be forgotten.  You won’t even notice as it’s happening, but the words I say to you, they all have a deeper meaning.  Every phrase, every keyword, every little sentence is completely deliberate.  Every interaction you have with Me, whether it be live over phone chat, on text, or in My fetish clips, these are all inductions to train your weak pathetic mind and mold you into exactly what I want.

Goddess with long purple hair and shiny silver corset staring seductively.

Stare deep into My eyes. Let Me reprogram your mind.

Sometimes you can sense this little twinge, this sensation, this spark goes off in your brain and your body tingles – that is My power taking over you.  That is your brain literally being rewired to think the type of thought patterns I want you to think.  You start to realize, this is what you’ve always wanted.  The thought of being totally and completely controlled from the inside out by a perfect, sexy Dominant woman – well it’s almost more than you can handle.  This is why you need to keep My contact information close.  You need to memorize all the ways you can get in touch with Me.  My email address, My tribute links, My wishlist, My clip stores.  With such a strong desire to please Me, you’ll need to be ready at any given moment.

Tall fit Goddess posing in revealing leopard print bikini.

Every curve of My body mesmerizes you senseless.

The deeper you surrender, the more frequent these moments will become.  The urge will become strong to spoil Me, to pay Me, to hand over your entire week’s paycheck, to submit without reserve to financial domination.  The rush you get from handing everything over will become even more seductive.  The release you get from giving up all control to Me will have you totally obsessed – weaker than ever before.  Your body becomes overwhelmed with adrenalin as you fall deeper, as you give up more and more.  You are fully happy and satisfied living a simple life for Me, just knowing your sacrifice has pleased Me and made My life easier and more enjoyable.