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You’ve probably heard of a “cash meet” if you’ve been in the Financial Domination scene for a while. You may have seen Dominants on Twitter taking appointments while they’re out and about. Maybe you’ve seen them announcing they’ll be traveling through your city, with a bit of time to spare to drain your wallet.

Cropped shot of male hands taking out money from a wallet, handing over $300, an acceptable amount for a cash meet.

It sounds intriguing, but what exactly is a cash meet?

A cash meet is a face-to-face findom encounter between Dom and sub, where the submissive hands over a cash tribute to their Dominant. It’s as simple as that!

Cash meets usually take place in a public setting, such as a café, shopping mall, or even a parking lot. As such, these meetings are shorter, and lower pressure than a full in person Femdom session.


The Basics

Most Doms require a deposit, around $100 on average, to schedule a meet. Likewise, if this is your first time meeting, you may be subject to a screening process first. Both of these things are necessary for the Dominant’s safety, as well as their assurance that you will not waste their time.

Once you’ve completed that step of the process, next, you will determine a day, time, and place to meet. If the Dom is traveling, they may meet you at the restaurant connected to their hotel. If the Dom is local, they may suggest an easy to find coffee shop.

After the basics are decided, it’s time to discuss details, boundaries, and limits.

The Details

Findom is about giving up control, but it is still important to set boundaries that allow trust to grow, and good feelings to flourish.

How much should I spend at a cash meet?

This is a question you need to ask yourself ahead of time. Your Dom would love to accept the most you’re able to give, but only you know what constitutes a safe amount for your financial stability.

It’s common to give your Dominant a moderate payment at your first meeting, around $200 or $300. Then, if things go well, you’ve got your screening and initial meet out of the way, and setting up a second appointment will be less complex.

This paves the way for dropping a quick hundred bucks here and there, when you have a good day at work. Likewise, once trust is established, you may wish to give your Dominant larger tributes.

Attractive young woman withdrawing money from credit card at ATM, a common occurrence at a cash meet.

Should I arrive with cash, or withdraw it there?

You might decide to hit the ATM on your way to the meet, hand them the cash, and leave. Or, your Dom might enjoy watching over your shoulder as you withdraw their cash. You might even get a thrill from handing them your card, trembling in excitement as they enter your pin, and take money directly out of your bank account.

What happens after I hand over my tribute? How long should I stick around?

A cash meet typically lasts between five to fifteen minutes, but can potentially last longer, if agreed upon ahead of time. Ask your Dominant the protocol they prefer, and tell them your hopes for the meet.

Some find it arousing to just hand their Dom the cash, and then fuck off. Others may wish to sit and chat for a bit. If you and your Dom are into humiliation, things can get more involved. For example, they may command you to kneel and kiss their feet, as you beg them to accept your tribute.

Won’t it be weird to do all this in public?

Everyone has different comfort levels, including your Dom. Discuss what you’re both comfortable with doing in a public setting.

As much as this is acting out a fantasy, it’s important to remember this is real life, not a porn. Public decency is absolutely something you must keep in mind. Even if you’re both totally uninhibited, you still must be mindful in avoiding adult behavior in places where minors could be present.

Cash meets are perfectly legal, but a guy giving a hot babe a handful of cash can lead to raised eyebrows. It’s best to take care, and avoid anything that might inspire Karen to call the cops.


A cash meet really gets to the core of what financial domination is all about; the basic thrill of paying your Dominant.

Findom is a power exchange. So much of our lives revolve around money. In turn, this makes willingly handing it over to a person you revere and adore feel so, so good.

You are taking your power back, from the ever churning wheel of work, pay bills, repeat. Instead of financially submitting only to capitalism, you are instead handing that power over to your Dom.

You could just transfer the money electronically, sending them a tribute online. But physically handing them your hard earned money makes it feel all the more real. You get to see their smile, their real time, genuine reactions, as they revel in your submission. You get to feel their presence, smell them, even touch them, if they allow it.

Cash meets allow you the privilege of a full sensory findom experience. If financial domination gets you going, booking a cash meet is an adventure you must try at least once.

Femdom Goddess Kelly Sunshine in a black lace dress, boots, and sunglasses, ready to take your money at a cash meet.

Ready to try it yourself? Check out my page on how to book an in-person Femdom appointment.

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