Service-Oriented Submission

Service is at the core of what a D/s (Dominant/submissive) dynamic is built on. For a submissive who loves to serve and please, seemingly nonsexual acts of service spark a flame of excitement and passion inside. Therefore, to best enjoy the service-oriented fetish, it is important to bring forth what you excel at.

femdom kelly sunshine sitting on ground in black dress with sunflowers and red ribbed tights

Give and You Shall Receive

Although the roles are reversed, many Dominants similarly enjoy providing for their submissives through care and guidance. The ways Dominants provide for their pets are endless. We bring a unique type of happiness and satisfaction that can only be found through our special time spent together. The ability to accept a sub’s service in a way which makes the sub feel seen and appreciated is what keeps that warm fuzzy feeling alive.

As in any type of relationship, we each seek out that shared experience for our own personal reasons. Regardless of what those reasons are, it is more rewarding when both people decide to come together to make the encounter pleasurable for all involved.

Negotiating Desire

The D/s dynamic is a give and take relationship that requires care and balance. This lifestyle is often misunderstood, or seen as strange in certain ways, but I believe it to be a wise way of being.

In order to successfully navigate the intricacies of any sort of relationship with another person, you must make a conscious effort to work on communication skills. With communication comes clarity, and with clarity comes contentment.

In a D/s dynamic, much negotiating is required, and therefore, we find ourselves talking often. We talk about what we want, what we like, how to push our boundaries, and how to create the life that brings us the most joy. Creating joy in each others’ lives is what it’s all about. It is about more than just sex, indulgence or release. It is about the betterment of both people as humans.


Some of the most crucial needs a person has are not sexual in nature. They often present as a lesson in selflessness and generosity.

Being an efficient partner, participant, Dom or sub means looking inside yourself. What are you capable of providing? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Pay attention to both praise and criticism to gain insight.

Don’t be afraid to ask how you can do better, and likewise be willing to help your Dom or sub learn these things about themselves, as well as about you.

femdom kelly sunshine receiving foot massage service from submissive male slave

A Variety of Ways to be of Service

Service-oriented submission can be enjoyed in an infinite number of ways, making it exceedingly accessible, no matter your resources.

Domestic Service

You may gravitate towards domestic service, finding the clear-cut, start to finish task of cleaning to bring you comfort.

Whether it’s tidying up your Dominant’s house, cleaning and organizing their bondage tools and BDSM equipment, changing a lightbulb, or fixing a squeaky floorboard; it is your job to take the stress and responsibility off their shoulders.

Art and Creativity

For the creative-minded submissives, you can make your Mistress smile by creating something magnificent. 

Maybe you have an eye for interior design, and know just how to decorate and furnish your Dom’s dungeon to perfection. Put your graphic design or video editing skills to work to create content for their website or social media. Bring over your camera and give them a gorgeous photo shoot. Express your adoration by painting their portrait.

Art allows your love to manifest from inside your heart into a physical treasure.

Food is Love

They say true love is realized by the stomach before the heart.

If you are a great cook, whip up a delicious lunch when you know your Dom has a busy day ahead. Ensure their mornings always start with a hot pot of coffee, or a latte from their favorite cafe. Take care of their grocery list, or keep their food delivery app loaded with gift cards.

To serve through food means you will undoubtedly be on their mind throughout the day.

Relax Your Mind, Relax Your Mistress

Serving your Femdom Goddess fills you undeniably with pleasure and bliss. Returning the favor allows you to amplify those good feelings.

Helping your Dom de-stress is an utmost important task. Rub their feet and massage their back after a long day of sessions. Pin point their needs with aromatherapy. Brush their hair or paint their toenails. Read them poetry while listening to a chill playlist. If you play an instrument, perform relaxing music while they take a bath.

The less tension your Dominant holds, the greater your time spent together can be.

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Long Distance Service

If you are unable to see your Dom frequently, there are still plenty of ways to be of service, and show you care.

Work to stay in tune with what your Mistress needs. Tribute generously to provide what you can’t give in person. Communicate, and find out what might make their life go more smoothly.

Show your unyielding support by remaining consistent in their life. It is all part of being the best you you can be.

Serving Femdom Goddess Kelly Sunshine

My submissives often ask how they might please me. Serving me is about making my life easier, and more enjoyable by using your skills to your advantage.

It is expressing your gratitude for all I do for you, and the good times we have. If I feel my training is appreciated, and you are happy, I am happy, too.