Service Between Sub and Dom

Service is at the core of what a D/s dynamic is built on.  For a Dominant who loves to care, guide and provide, or a submissive who loves to serve and please, seemingly nonsexual acts of service spark a flame of excitement and passion inside.  It is important for you to bring forth what you excel at.

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Dominants provide for their pets in infinite ways.  We bring a unique type of happiness and satisfaction that can only be found through this special time spent together. As in any type of relationship, we each seek out that experience for our own personal reasons. Regardless of what those reasons are, it is more rewarding when both people decide to come together to make the encounter pleasurable for all involved.

Negotiating Desire

The D/s dynamic is a give and take relationship that requires care and balance.  This lifestyle is often misunderstood and seen as strange in certain ways, but I believe it to be a wise way of being. In order to successfully navigate the intricacies of any sort of relationship with another person, you must make a conscious effort to work on communication skills. With communication comes clarity, and with clarity comes contentment.

In a D/s dynamic, much negotiating is required, and therefor, we find ourselves talking often. We talk about what we want, what we like, how to push our boundaries and how to create the life that brings us the most joy. Creating joy in each others’ lives is what it’s all about. It is about more than just sex, indulgence or release. It is about the betterment of both people as humans.


Some of the most crucial needs a person may have are not sexual in nature. They often present as a lesson in selflessness and generosity. That being said, for a Dominant who loves to care, guide and provide, or a submissive who loves to serve and please, these seemingly nonsexual acts still spark a flame of excitement and passion inside.

Being an efficient partner, participant, Dom or sub means looking inside yourself. What are you capable of providing? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Pay attention to both praise and criticism to gain insight. Don’t be afraid to ask how you can do better, and be willing to help your Dom or sub learn these things about themselves as well as about you.

femdom kelly sunshine receiving foot massage service from submissive male slave

Serving Goddess Kelly

My submissives often ask how they might please or serve me.  Service is at the core of what a D/s dynamic is built on. Bring forth what you excel at.  It is about making my life easier and more enjoyable by using what you have to offer to your advantage. It is expressing your gratitude for all I do for you and the good times we have. You know that I show my gratitude towards you in my own ways as well.

Domestic Service

You may gravitate towards domestic service, finding the clear cut start to finish task of cleaning to bring you comfort. Whether it’s deep cleaning my house and organizing once a month, or coming over to pick up after a day of sessions; you take the stress and responsibility off my shoulders. You are useful when I have something to fix or a light bulb to change. Building things or painting is your strong suit.

Art and Creativity

If you’re artistic, you can make me smile by making something magnificent for me.  Help me decorate, pick out new furniture, or design graphics for my website.  Bring over your camera and let’s have a photo shoot.  Come and create with me.

Make My Tummy Smile

If you are a great cook, whip up a delicious vegan meal for me for dinner, take me to a fabulous restaurant, or even do my grocery shopping. Brew me espresso in the morning to start my day happy. Bring me sweets or home brewed beer after a long day of filming.


Help me de-stress. Rub my feet and massage my back while diffusing relaxing essential oils. Read me poetry and play the piano or guitar. Learn to paint my nails.

This is what spoiling looks like.

femdom goddess kelly sunshine lounging on couch with barefeet

Long Distance Service

If you live too far to see me frequently, there are other ways you can keep me happy.  Tribute generously to give me what I desire. Stay in touch through text and Skype.  Take me out to eat, buy my morning coffee each day, pick up tickets for a show I want to go to, book an appointment at the spa, help me with my business and show your unyielding support. Show me you care and you are serious about serving.

This is all part of being the best you you can be.

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