Fan Club Tiers

After testing out numerous Fan Clubs over the past year, I’ve decided to make Fansly my main platform. They have a great UI, lots of interaction, open discoverability with tagging system and for-you page, and most importantly, fan club tiers!

I’m excited about tier functionality, as it allows fans to indulge as little or as much as they want to. This method makes so much more sense than the restrictiveness of OnlyFans.


On OnlyFans, a creator’s only option is to have a free page and a paid page. This means, if you’re still on the fence about subscribing, all you have to go off of is the limitations of a free page. It’s hard to get an idea of what subscribing might actually be like this way.

On Fansly, I allow anyone to follow my page, completely for free. This works similarly to an OnlyFans free page. Followers can see all of my public posts, but cannot see subscriber-only content.


When you’re ready to see more, you can choose to subscribe to my first fan club tier, for Curious submissives. This allows you to instantly unlock my daily photos and videos posted on my timeline.

Femdom Goddess Kelly Sunshine's fan club tier information.


Now you have a taste of my premium content, and are ready to truly Simp. My next fan club tier gains you access to a new full-length Femdom video and audio file every month.

After that, you need more of me. Gooning to my kinky content all month has you completely Obsessed.

You want to book a text session through DMs, a webcam session on Skype, or hear my voice in your ear on an audio call. Thankfully, when you subscribe to my next tier, a free one hour text session is waiting for you. You love hearing me call you my “good boy,” and are excited to hear me personally praise you in a video shoutout.


My next fan club tier is for the subs who just can’t get enough. You’ve watched all my videos on repeat a hundred times, and are aching to lap up as much pleasure you can get from being my pet.

Above all, being one of Goddess Kelly’s VIP slaves sounds like the answer to all your woes in life. It’s time to prove you are Devoted, and accept one of only twenty-five positions available in this tier.

You can now consider yourself privileged, and indulge in my VIP-exclusive videos. Additionally, you have a new date to add in your calendar, as you accept the invite to join my VIP-exclusive livestream.

If one-on-one time with me is what you crave, you now have the ability to book time with me, or order custom content, at a heavily discounted rate.

Femdom Goddess Kelly Sunshine gazing deep into your soul.


Finally, my top fan club tier is for my all-time best slaves, driven by Fate. This position is highly prestigious, with only five spots available.

Become one with your Goddess. To accept this role shows me how deeply you’ve fallen in love. Therefore, you’ve earned my priority attention.

I will create a free custom video wherein we can experience our desires and fantasies together. Furthermore, you’ll obtain access to my full video collection uploaded to the site.


In conclusion, my new fan club tiers make it possible for you to explore your sensual hunger any way you like. How deep will you go? I’m aching to find out.

Join my Femdom fan club today.

✨Rates discounted through June. Don’t miss out. ✨

*VIP tiers are a Fansly exclusive.

I will still be using OnlyFans for now. However, only Curious, Simp and Obsessed tiers will be available. 

Subscribers will enter Curious tier by default, and must tribute the additional amount in order to upgrade.

If you are interested in becoming an adult content creator, or want to start your own fan club, you can register through my referral links here:

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