Vegas AVN AEE Recap and Fetish Con Plans

I had so much fun at this year’s annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo! Can you imagine being surrounded by so many perfect Goddesses?

Group of Dommes from standing out front of Giada in Vegas
Kinkbomb Dinner at Giada
The Vegan babes. ;) Love Amara Noir. <3
The Vegan babes. ūüėČ I love Amara Noir. <3

I had such a lovely time hanging out with all the beautiful Dommes. Kinkbomb hosted many amazing dinners and parties, and we all had the most incredible time. I think some of you losers would pass out just trying to breathe the same air as all these gorgeous, Dominant women!  So much hotness in one place.

Group of Dommes and party people partying in a club
Kinkbomb party at Beacher’s Mad House

My hotel room at Vdara was stunning, gorgeous, and relaxing.¬†I took quite a few phone and webcam calls on Skype and NiteFlirt while lounging in the comfy bed, sipping champagne, and ordering room service (paid for by my loyal pay slaves, of course!) Vacationing as a Financial Dominatrix is great when it’s all paid for by my addicted, submissive slaves.

Goddess in black shiny rubber bikini laying in hotel room bed
Draining bitches on webcam from My hotel room bed.
Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (4)
Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (3)
Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (6)

I filmed with so many¬†very attractive¬†friends,¬†making delicious fetish content. My life is a goddamn dream. It’s literally our job to party, be hot, and make kinky videos to dominate losers. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dominants at the bar
Buying expensive drinks at the bar with pay pig money with Princess Lacey and Aiden.
Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (35)
Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (19)

I filmed some absolutely unforgettable Femdom clips with Miss London Lix – Home Wrecker, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Orgasm Control, Femme Fatale, Executrix, and Shiny Fetish.

Gorgeous Female Dominants in shiny fetish clothing
Filming evil femdom clips in shiny outfits with London Lix!

I did some hot bratty financial domination and foot fetish clips with Princess Lacey, and My first ever trampling clip with her and Jason Ninja. I love imagining how jealous you must be, dreaming of my feet on your face!

Filming a hot, bratty trampling clip with Princess Lacey and Jason Ninja.
Filming a hot, bratty trampling clip with Princess Lacey and Jason Ninja.

Aiden and I did some majorly hot alien babe Giant/ess and shrinking fetish clips, in our hot outfits and sexy boots!

Bow down, losers.

Kinky people are the best people. All the friends I made in Vegas are absolutely fantastic. I’m so excited to get to meet up with many of them again this August for FetishCon in Florida!

What a task I have for my findom slaves, now! You know it is your life’s purpose to fund all the amazing things I do in life, living vicariously through my pleasure.¬†It pleases you to make me happy, and the only way you know how is with your wallet.¬†Open up wide, cuz it’s time to spend!

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-AVN-AEE-2015 (22)

You are WELCOME for this update! I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed it!¬†I loved reminiscing on these photos, and I can’t wait to play with My hot friends again soon.

Be sure to buy all My new Femdom, humiliation, findom, and other fetish clips. ¬†True, devoted slaves buy them ALL.¬†You want to be the best at something don’t you??? ūüėČ

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