Service-Oriented Submission

Service is at the core of what a D/s (Dominant/submissive) dynamic is built on. For a submissive who loves to serve and please, seemingly nonsexual acts of service spark a flame of excitement and passion inside. Therefore, to best enjoy the service-oriented fetish, it is important to bring forth what

How to be an Owned Femdom Slave to a Cruel Mistress or Gentle Femdom

Take your submission deeper by being my owned Femdom slave Curious submissives often ask how to become my Femdom slave. I play with many toys, but few are lucky enough to earn the title of My Pet. For Fun or Forever? If you desire a more long-term, or even permanent

Transforming Submissive Men Through Slut Training

It is quite adorable to Me how many men come to Me with the same little “secret”…  They get so shy and nervous letting certain words slip out of their mouths.  It’s great to witness the blend of shame and relief that washes over their face when they finally confess

The Power of Female Dominance and Male Submission

I’ve started a new training series called Weekly WisDomme. The first installment is about female dominance and male submission.  I’ll be releasing a new clip every Monday. Mondays are hard for a lot of people. Getting into the habit of beginning your week with purpose and intention will help ease

Pleasure and Orgasm Control in D/s Relationships

I truly believe one of the most simple yet pure ways a submissive can surrender to their Goddess is through pleasure control (or orgasm control.) Sexual pleasure is one of the most basic human functions. For most of us, sex feels great. We crave it, fantasize about it, seek it

New Member Section for VIP Addicted Femdom Slaves

I am soooo excited about all the upgrades and updates in my life!  As most of you know by now, I recently purchased a full HD camcorder; the Canon Vixia HF G30.  Clip sales and custom clip orders have skyrocketed with this awesome advancement.  I look so amazing, and the

Be My Slave – Fetishes That Turn Me On

I love dominating weak bitches like you, and I’m fucking good at it, too.  My site has more free jerk off material than you even deserve, so read up on what makes Me hot.  If you want to discuss more, send a tribute!  I will not tolerate time wasters.  Give Me

Slave Training Rules for Serving your Femdom Goddess

Princess is always right. Do not bother Me until you have sent a tribute.  If you want to chat, call My phone sex line. I decide how much My time is worth.  If I tell you to send more than I did yesterday, don’t question it. Don’t ask for discounts.

Vegas AVN AEE Recap and Fetish Con Plans

This blog post is long over due, obviously hahaha.  I’ve been spending all My time making super hot femdom clips!  I do enjoy keeping you Princess addicts up to date on My life, though.  Any way, as you know, I went to the yearly Vegas meet up in January for the AVN

Mind Control Transforms All Men into Financial Domination Slaves

Manipulation is My specialty and it is oh so much fun. 😉  I love watching boys go from curious and excited to totally helpless, mind fucked and hooked.  Fetish and female financial domination effect you just like any other drug or addiction.  In fact, that is My favorite part –