Worship to Warm Me Up

If you also live in the Midwest, you know just how incredibly cold out it has been!  Today is the coldest day I’ve experienced in a long time.  Believe Me, there’s no way I’m even thinking about going outside.  I think today is one of those days where you can get frostbite just walking to your car, no joke.  I’m sitting in My room, snuggled up in cozy thigh high stockings and a big sweater, drinking a cup of coffee and blasting the space heater.  Still pretty damn cold as My house is quite old and the windows are very drafty.  I need someone to come and seal them.  Until then, you boys will have to keep Me warm with your worship and servitude.  Please Me and make Me smile so I can forget about this absurdly freezing weather.

Blonde cam girl Kelly Sunshine in a cute casual t-shirt

Super rad Beetlejuice t-shirt My gf got Me for My birthday.

Last week was My birthday.  I had an incredible time, went out to My favorite Thai restaurant for dinner, and partied all night.  I got a ton of awesome gifts, including the hair extensions I have been requesting for a while.  I got a super badass baby pink dress with spikes on the tits that I wore to My party, as well as a pair of extremely cute Guess wedge sneakers, also studded.  I was giggling and smirking because everyone kept telling Me what a complete Princess I looked like.  You know I was wearing My crown too. 😉  Definitely made Me think of you boys and how utterly weak you would be if I allowed you to witness My beauty and power in person.

Kelly Sunshine in white lacy dress

Sexy white, lace birthday dress from an addict!

My Girlfriend’s birthday was also on Wednesday.  We went shopping and had a ton of fun, then went out for drinks with our friends.  We ended up at the strip club, and as I’m sure plenty of you would agree, delicious naked women is a wonderful way to close out a night of partying.

Sexy round ass and long legs in pink jeggings

Sexy & comfy pink jeggings from one of My loyal pay slaves.

This week I’m getting back to business.  I have a lot of catching up to do with My servants and addicts.  It’s time for Me to check in on your assigned budgets, and start collecting more tributes.  I had two new vids coming up but I’ve been having technical issues with My new camera.  For some reason after I recorded them, the files corrupted as I was copying them to My computer.  If you know anything about this camcorder and have any helpful tips for Me, it would be much appreciated.  I hate having My time wasted, so I don’t wanna have anymore mishaps with this thing.

Also, I’ve decided that as soon as I reach 1k followers on Twitter, I will release a free, sexy teaser video.  Make it happen, boys.

Talk soon, bye bye. 😉

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