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Wow, the past few months have been so wild!  I am LOVING My Princess Life, as usual!  I’ve been so crazy busy.  First was the holidays, then My birthday was January 12!  Of course I went all out for that.  Many dinners and brunch gatherings with friends and family.  I also had a big party with music and dancing and tons of champagne.  All My friends came and I had the time of My life.  I got so many wishlist presents from My financial domination addicts.  I am so spoiled!

 Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Spoiled-Shoes Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Presents Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Packages

Kelly-Sunshine-Findom-Princess-Spoiled-Gifts Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Spoiled-Gifts Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Shoes


Kelly-Sunshine-Findom-Princess-Spoiled-Heels-Jeans Kelly-Sunshine-Gorgeous-Gold-Heels

13 pairs of heels (platforms, boots, pumps, sandals, wow!,) 6 tops, 2 bikinis, 4 skirts, 3 shorts, 2 pants, 1 dress, 7 pairs of stockings, 4 pieces of jewelry (bracelets, necklace, headband,) 2 lipsticks, 2 thongs and a pair of gorgeous swarovski covered heart shaped sunglasses.  Nearly 50 presents!  Not to mention countless tributes on GiftRocket, Amazon and clip sites.  My addicts are so in love with Me!  Special mentions to fluff and unclejeff.  These boys can spoil Me right. 😉  Just can’t help yourselves, can you?  I’m so deliciously addictive…!  Once you give in even just a little bit to My bratty financial domination, you can’t turn back.  You only want to give Me more and more.  I mean, look at Me.  I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Also for My birthday, I went to Vegas!  My life is just full of excitement…  I met all the sexy Dommes of Kinkbomb & Clips4Sale and we partied like Princesses.

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (1) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (2) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (3) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (4) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (6) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (7) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (8) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (9) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (10) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (5)

So fucking perfect.  I had so much fun with these gorgeous Goddesses.  I didn’t do as much filming as I would have liked but it was My first time in Vegas and I just wanted to play. 😉  I did get a few clips done with Bratty Nikki which you boys are going to DIE over!!!  The brattiness between the two of us is hard to handle.

As far as clips go I’m still having a blast making them.  Store hasn’t been updated as much recently because well, it’s pretty obvious I have priorities other than you twerps. 😉  I’ve got some new financial domination clips to keep you pay pigs & human ATM’s SPENDING!  It’s such a rush to give Me EVERYTHING!  One favorite of Mine I’ve been playing with lately is homewrecker.  OMG what a hot little fantasy.  Is it a fantasy though?  It’s sooo hard to stay in line with Me.  It’s impossible not to make Me your #1, the only woman you need in your life.  You need to devote everything to Me.  All your time, energy and of course MONEY!  Spoiling Me feels so good.  I have such a shopping fetish and you boys can’t help but do whatever it takes to please this little Brat.  Check My stores for other fetishes such as chastity, jerk off instruction, humiliation, mesmerize, mind fuck and hypnosis.  I am too perfect and addictive.  You need ALL My clips!!!


Time to Worship!

This has got to be the last snow storm of the season, right?!  The snow is beautiful, but I’m sick of the cold and sick of the inconvenience.  I’ll be so happy when I can throw on a pair of shorts, a tank top and sandals and head out of the house with no other worries.  Soon.  I’m crossing My fingers for it to all be gone within 4 weeks.  What do you say? 😉

Blonde Princess Kelly Sunshine

Life has been great lately.  I’m feeling so positive, clear headed and I’m getting everything I want.  My slaves are all behaving for the most part.  One even sent Me the keys to his chastity cage.  He is going on 11 days locked up now, and I find it highly amusing.  Lucky for him, it seems he has been too busy with work to focus on his agony, but I do have many more things cruel and hilarious things planned for him.  I love using My boy toys however I please.  Their pleasure and pain is just a game to Me.  I have a few new clips that show the power I have over these weak dorks and losers.

“I Hold The Key” – 11 min – $14.99
You really did it. You finally gave in to Me completely. You handed over the key to your chastity cage. How stupid are you?! It’s hilarious, watching you struggle, all in My name. You know every aching minute is worth it though, just to be under My control. It’s the most important thing you’ve ever done. How else do you think you’d ever get the chance to be even a minuscule part of My life? You’re My locked up loser, now.

“Seduced & Used” – 25 min – $34.99
You’ve always had a little crush on Me, so you were thrilled when I invited you over for a drink. You’ve spent many hours fantasizing about how a night like this might play out. Thoughts of running your hands over My perfect body, kissing Me all over and pleasing Me all night. This might just be your lucky day. I’ll let you please Me, but you’re going to have to do things My way. Do you think you can handle it? You never saw this coming! *Shot in Full HD – 1920 x 1080*

“Foot Humiliation Jerk Off Instruction” – 8 min – $9.99
You are such a freak for My feet. All you can think about is licking, kissing and worshiping My soles! It’s pathetic how desperate you are to jerk your little dick to My feet, but I sure love taking advantage of you in your weakened state! Stroke it for Me, bitch!

“Controlled by My Skin Tight Rubber Leggings” – 9 min – $9.99
You love to touch yourself as you watch Me. Let go of all control and follow My every instruction. I’ll tell you how and when to stroke your cock. It feels so good to give in to Me. Mmm, you wanna cum, don’t you? Then you better obey My commands perfectly! If you don’t, you will be punished!

“Valentine Vixen” – 14 min – $14.99
Bow down and drool over Me as I tempt and tease you. In this clip I dance, flirt and dress up in tons of different pink and red Valentine’s Day outfits. You can’t resist worshiping and spoiling Me!

You know what to do – buy them ALL! (at Clips4Sale and Clipvia.)

Hehehe, are you feeling weak now?  Pretty evil of Me to taunt you with these incredibly hypnotic gifs.  Imagine how you will feel when you give in and watch the full length clips!  It will be so impossible to control yourself.  You will become overwhelmed with obsessive thoughts about serving Me.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉

Sexy Tease Cam Girl Kelly Sunshine

In other news, I am still looking for a new house.  I am craving an upgrade in My lifestyle.  My house now is nice, but I don’t like the layout or the neighborhood.  The housing market where I live is not so great, so I have yet to find anything even remotely close to what I’m looking for.  But last night, I had a surprising moment when clicking around looking at homes online.  There is a house on the lake I’ve passed many times and always said “one day I will live there.”  It is truly luxurious – right on the water, and in the perfect neighborhood.  I imagined it was a million dollar home and that it was something I would attain in the not so near future.  I was shocked to see the house was up for sale.  My heart started racing when I saw this because it’s exactly what I want for My life.   I will live in a million dollar home some day soon.

Sporty Babe Kelly Sunshine

For now, one of My other goals is to get into incredible shape by summer time.  I am giving Myself 3 months.  Tightening up My diet and exercise routine.  I expect to be rewarded with lots of sexy bikinis and tiny dresses!!! 😀

I’ve got to look hot for all the vacations I have planned this summer.  I am going to four music festivals around the country, and just found out about one more concert I want to fly in for a night to go to.  I have been making My travel plans and getting extremely excited.  It really feels like warm weather and good times are just around the corner.  I can’t wait.  I’ve been sewing a few new outfits each week to wear at the shows, as well as designs to sell.  I’m feeling very creative and inspired lately, which I love.  If you want to support Me in My passion, you can send a gift card to a fabric store.  I’ve also created a Travel wishlist you should absolutely check out since I know you can’t stop spoiling Me and giving Me everything I want.

Cute Blonde Cam Girl in Pink

Remember, it is your purpose to make My life better, easier and more exciting.  You know your life will never amount to anything worthwhile, so you might as well do all you can to make Mine even more amazing!

XoXo, Kelly

If you also live in the Midwest, you know just how incredibly cold out it has been!  Today is the coldest day I’ve experienced in a long time.  Believe Me, there’s no way I’m even thinking about going outside.  I think today is one of those days where you can get frostbite just walking to your car, no joke.  I’m sitting in My room, snuggled up in cozy thigh high stockings and a big sweater, drinking a cup of coffee and blasting the space heater.  Still pretty damn cold as My house is quite old and the windows are very drafty.  I need someone to come and seal them.  Until then, you boys will have to keep Me warm with your worship and servitude.  Please Me and make Me smile so I can forget about this absurdly freezing weather.

Blonde cam girl Kelly Sunshine in a cute casual t-shirt

Super rad Beetlejuice t-shirt My gf got Me for My birthday.

Last week was My birthday.  I had an incredible time, went out to My favorite Thai restaurant for dinner, and partied all night.  I got a ton of awesome gifts, including the hair extensions I have been requesting for a while.  I got a super badass baby pink dress with spikes on the tits that I wore to My party, as well as a pair of extremely cute Guess wedge sneakers, also studded.  I was giggling and smirking because everyone kept telling Me what a complete Princess I looked like.  You know I was wearing My crown too. 😉  Definitely made Me think of you boys and how utterly weak you would be if I allowed you to witness My beauty and power in person.

Kelly Sunshine in white lacy dress

Sexy white, lace birthday dress from an addict!

My Girlfriend’s birthday was also on Wednesday.  We went shopping and had a ton of fun, then went out for drinks with our friends.  We ended up at the strip club, and as I’m sure plenty of you would agree, delicious naked women is a wonderful way to close out a night of partying.

Sexy round ass and long legs in pink jeggings

Sexy & comfy pink jeggings from one of My loyal pay slaves.

This week I’m getting back to business.  I have a lot of catching up to do with My servants and addicts.  It’s time for Me to check in on your assigned budgets, and start collecting more tributes.  I had two new vids coming up but I’ve been having technical issues with My new camera.  For some reason after I recorded them, the files corrupted as I was copying them to My computer.  If you know anything about this camcorder and have any helpful tips for Me, it would be much appreciated.  I hate having My time wasted, so I don’t wanna have anymore mishaps with this thing.

Also, I’ve decided that as soon as I reach 1k followers on Twitter, I will release a free, sexy teaser video.  Make it happen, boys.

Talk soon, bye bye. 😉