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Wow, the past few months have been so wild!  I am LOVING My Princess Life, as usual!  I’ve been so crazy busy.  First was the holidays, then My birthday was January 12!  Of course I went all out for that.  Many dinners and brunch gatherings with friends and family.  I also had a big party with music and dancing and tons of champagne.  All My friends came and I had the time of My life.  I got so many wishlist presents from My financial domination addicts.  I am so spoiled!

 Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Spoiled-Shoes Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Presents Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Packages

Kelly-Sunshine-Findom-Princess-Spoiled-Gifts Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Spoiled-Gifts Kelly-Sunshine-Financial-Domination-Princess-Shoes


Kelly-Sunshine-Findom-Princess-Spoiled-Heels-Jeans Kelly-Sunshine-Gorgeous-Gold-Heels

13 pairs of heels (platforms, boots, pumps, sandals, wow!,) 6 tops, 2 bikinis, 4 skirts, 3 shorts, 2 pants, 1 dress, 7 pairs of stockings, 4 pieces of jewelry (bracelets, necklace, headband,) 2 lipsticks, 2 thongs and a pair of gorgeous swarovski covered heart shaped sunglasses.  Nearly 50 presents!  Not to mention countless tributes on GiftRocket, Amazon and clip sites.  My addicts are so in love with Me!  Special mentions to fluff and unclejeff.  These boys can spoil Me right. 😉  Just can’t help yourselves, can you?  I’m so deliciously addictive…!  Once you give in even just a little bit to My bratty financial domination, you can’t turn back.  You only want to give Me more and more.  I mean, look at Me.  I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

Also for My birthday, I went to Vegas!  My life is just full of excitement…  I met all the sexy Dommes of Kinkbomb & Clips4Sale and we partied like Princesses.

Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (1) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (2) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (3) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (4) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (6) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (7) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (8) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (9) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (10) Kelly-Sunshine-Vegas-Femdom-Goddess (5)

So fucking perfect.  I had so much fun with these gorgeous Goddesses.  I didn’t do as much filming as I would have liked but it was My first time in Vegas and I just wanted to play. 😉  I did get a few clips done with Bratty Nikki which you boys are going to DIE over!!!  The brattiness between the two of us is hard to handle.

As far as clips go I’m still having a blast making them.  Store hasn’t been updated as much recently because well, it’s pretty obvious I have priorities other than you twerps. 😉  I’ve got some new financial domination clips to keep you pay pigs & human ATM’s SPENDING!  It’s such a rush to give Me EVERYTHING!  One favorite of Mine I’ve been playing with lately is homewrecker.  OMG what a hot little fantasy.  Is it a fantasy though?  It’s sooo hard to stay in line with Me.  It’s impossible not to make Me your #1, the only woman you need in your life.  You need to devote everything to Me.  All your time, energy and of course MONEY!  Spoiling Me feels so good.  I have such a shopping fetish and you boys can’t help but do whatever it takes to please this little Brat.  Check My stores for other fetishes such as chastity, jerk off instruction, humiliation, mesmerize, mind fuck and hypnosis.  I am too perfect and addictive.  You need ALL My clips!!!


Time to Worship!

My life has been so crazy lately!  I’ve been so insanely busy.  As many of you know, I am obsessed with traveling,  and music.  I’ve got a big tour of music festivals I’m hitting up this summer, and it’s been really non stop.  I’ve gone to the first few already and have been having an amazing time.  I’m leaving for My next trip this afternoon.  I’m driving up to a huge, 4 day festival, then stopping at another one on the drive back home.  Like I said, non stop partying.  I love it.  I’m hoping for sun this time around.  The last few camping trips were freezing.  I mean seriously, wearing a coat and hat at night in June is kinda ridiculous.  This time I wanna wear nothing but tiny bikinis, sun dresses & booty shorts!

Since I’m going to be gone for so long, and I know some of you just can’t LIVE without Me, I decided I would give you a little treat.  Those of you who send tributes of $50 or more in the form of Amazon Gift Cards (to sexykellysunshine at will receive the password to My PRIVATE VIP blog.  I will be posting a handful of EXCLUSIVE photos and videos each day of Me enjoying Myself on vacation.  Email Me if you want in!

I have tons of new fetish videos available in My clip stores.  I’ve been taking a bunch of custom orders, as well as filming when the mood strikes Me.  Here are some of My recent favorites.

Sexy Goddess in Hypnotic Shiny Pink Dress

Shiny Dress Addiction – 11 min – $14.99
Put on your headphones and relax. Let yourself drift into a deep trance. A dream like state where nothing else matters other than worshiping Me, your one true Goddess. My tight shiny dress is so mesmerizing, you can’t look away. My tight shiny dress compels you to obey My every command. When you see Me in My tight shiny dress, you will give in. After watching this clip, your addiction to seeing Me in tight, shiny clothing will grow stronger than ever before. You will bookmark My wishlist and buy Me a new shiny outfit each week. –> “”
Hypnosis, Goddess Worship, Brain Washing, Financial Domination, Shiny Fetish.

Hot Beach Blonde in Yellow Tank & Pink Bikini

Pay your Cum Tax – 5 min – $9.99
How many times a day do you drool over My photos and jerk that little piece of meat between your legs until it squirts? You’re a pathetic masturbation addict who is sooo obsessed with Me. I bet you stroke your cock til it’s raw! You sure are lucky to have a gorgeous Goddess like Me to worship and adore. But what do I get out of this? Yeah sure, it’s hilarious to think I can control you just by being so freaking HOT! But I want more – obviously! So here’s what’s gonna happen, loser: Every time you make that lil pee pee dribble out a sorry excuse for an orgasm, you’re gonna pay! That’s right. Every time you cum to My perfection, you will send Me $10. It’s the least you can do for the privilege of worshiping Me!
Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Orgasm Control.

Sexy Goddess Red Dress, Shiny Gold Outfit

Torturing the Pervert – 15 min – $19.99
I tease you from across the bar and lead you right into My trap. Making the moves on Me will be the biggest mistake of your life. My daddy owns this club which makes Me rich, powerful, and able to do anything I want with suckers like you. Trying to grope Me gets you knocked out, and when you wake up you are in My torture dungeon. Don’t try to scream, I’ve got your mouth gagged. Don’t try to escape, I’ve got you hung and bound – not to mention, not a soul knows where you are. You’re My prisoner now, and I’m going to have My way with you. I’m going to teach you a lesson that will have you begging for . You never expected to be so turned on by a sexy Princess having your life in her hands.
Evil Brat Girl, Humiliation, Roleplay, Fantasy.

Pantyhose Fetish Tease High Heels

Exploiting your Weakened State – 18 min – $19.99
Happy Friday, bitches. Ready for some of My twisted fun? Grab a bottle and get cozy. You’re gettin FUCKED up tonight! But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you… I always do… Right? 😉 Sit back, relax and let Me get your mind all fuzzy and weak. Admire Me in My sexy little skirt and sheer nude pantyhose. These pantyhose make your head spin. Let’s see just how much trouble we can get into tonight.
Blackmail Fantasy, Financial Domination, Forced Intox, Hypnosis, Mind Fuck, Brainwashing, Pantyhose Fetish.

Blonde Princess in Pink Dress, Pantyhose & Stilettos

Blackmailed by My Pantyhose – Part 1 – 13 min – $14.99
Your fantasies are dark and twisted. You crave being owned and controlled in the most powerful way. You are desperate for a gorgeous young Goddess to take charge and trap you, exploit you, and prevent you from ever escaping Her grips. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You need it more than anything. Now’s your chance. Surrender to your weakness. Submit to Me.

Blonde Princess in Pink Dress Teasing with Legs & Feet

Blackmailed by My Pantyhose – Part 2 – 9 min – $14.99
Were you stupid enough to submit yourself to My blackmail games? Well guess what, loser? This is more than a game. If you want to be My blackmailed bitch, you will follow My rules. You will sign your life over to Me. I hope you can handle it.

Blonde Dominatrix in Little Black Dress & Pantyhose

All Powerful Girlfriend in Sexy Black Pantyhose – 10 min – $14.99
Your boss is coming over to our house for dinner tonight. You know him and I have always been hot for each other, so tonight I’m going to use that to My advantage. I’m going to seduce him and fuck him in OUR BED. Not only will I get to experience pleasure from a REAL MAN for a change, but once he sees Me in My tight, sheer pantyhose, he will do anything I want. And tonight, he’s going to agree to a pay raise for you – which of course you will immediately sign over to Me! Oh don’t be jealous, I’ll still let you stroke your useless puny cock for Me. But only REAL MEN get to have REAL ORGASMS in My presence!
Pantyhose Fetish, Forced Intox, Humiliation, Mind Fuck, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Orgasm Control, Jerk Off Instruction, Ruined Orgasms.

I expect you boys to buy them all up immediately!  My clips are so hot, they are always topping the charts on Clips4Sale & Kinkbomb.  Come see what you’ve been missing.  I haven’t been available for Skype shows lately because of how wild everything has been, so these will have to hold you over.  I will be online every day once I return from My trip so you suckers can get even more addicted than before.

In other news, I’m hoping to get a puppy when I get back!  I had to put down My chihuahua I had since childhood two years ago, and have felt something’s missing ever since.  I love dogs so much.  There is an adorable, tan, baby chihuahua available for adoption in My city.  I just hope someone else doesn’t snatch him up before I get back!  Cross your fingers.  My life will be absolutely perfect once I have a little one around again. 🙂

Alright, time to film one last custom and finish packing before I leave town.  Be sure to clear out My Wishlist while I’m gone!  Talk to you bitches later.

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Blonde babe in sexy lingerie

There’s more where this came from… 😉

In addition to staying in touch with Me, I’ll also automatically send you a 20 photo set and a sexy teaser clip just for signing up.  If you’ve been tempted to buy a clip but wanted to see Me in action first, here is your chance.  Check out this animated image from the clip I’ll be sending you.  Too hot to say no to!

Princess Kelly Sunshine teasing gif from free teaser clip for newsletter.

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I had an incredible time this weekend.  It was super busy but I somehow managed not to completely wear Myself out.  I went to a different concert on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I saw so many of My friends and danced & partied all night.  So much amazing music!  One thing I noticed, which is not news to Me, but…  Some guys seriously just do not understand women.  This happened a few times this weekend and it’s one of My biggest pet peeves when I’m out partying.  I was dancing My cute butt off, obviously really into the music, facing the stage and watching the dj.  Guys kept coming up and either trying to dance with or talk to Me, irritating Me in one way or another.  I’m not the kind of girl who will give out a free tongue lashing unless it is absolutely deserved, so I try to just roll My eyes and ignore them and they usually get the hint.  It still just makes Me shake My head and wonder what makes these boys think that I’m here for them? What makes them think I’d have any interest what-so-ever in talking to them?  All I want to do is dance!

Blonde cam girl in sexy colorful outfit

Always eye-catching.

Thankfully I look too intimidating to be bothered much – just another reason I love wearing super high heels that make Me taller than most of the boys!  I like showing My power and dominance without even having to say anything.  It definitely works.  I go out knowing I’m the best, the hottest and knowing I’ll get anything I want.  I always do.  It’s the same attitude that makes you boys bow down as well.  The truth is, if you accept that I am superior to you, respect it and obey My wishes, you will be greeted with a lovely smile that will make your heart melt.  I can see it in others’ eyes when they finally experience My perfect grin.  Staring straight into their eyes, it almost takes their breath away.

Blonde Domme flashing cleavage.

You dream of being smothered by My perky cleavage.

That smile is just an intro, a tease.  It’s the bait I use to seduce you into My web.  Your body will tingle all over just knowing you have begun to please Me.  Building up My happiness will become like a drug to you, just like it has for many others.  You’ll find your mind racing with thoughts and questions of how can you gain another smile and a “Good boy” from Me.  The adrenaline rush I give you will have you doing things you never knew you were capable of, all in My name.  Pleasing Me finally gives you a purpose, something worthwhile to spend your time on.  You’ll become so desperate for My attention and praise, you’ll do anything to get it.

I posted a few new clips you must check out and buy immediately.

Princess Kelly Sunshine teasing gif from clip "Aching for Financial Ruin"

“Aching for Financial Ruin” – 9 min – $9.99
Did your heart jump when you saw I posted a new clip? Is your mind starting to get fuzzy, your thoughts racing, palms sweating…? I’ll tell you why your body reacts so strongly. You’re a pay junkie. You’re MY helpless cash piggy. Pathetically addicted to paying more and more and more until you’re drained and rinsed completely dry. You already know you’ll never be able to resist Me, so click Buy Now and pay Me already.   

Allowance for College Boy - 9 min - $9.99 You are a pathetic, entitled, stupid little college boy. You are utterly useless. Your parents still humiliatingly send you an allowance, yet you waste it all every month! You need Me to set you straight. You need to be controlled and trained. You're so lucky you met such a clever girl like Me, I'll teach you how to be useful for once. You will live to please Me, sexually and financially.

“Allowance for College Boy” – 9 min – $9.99
You are a pathetic, entitled, stupid little college boy. You are utterly useless. Your parents still humiliatingly send you an allowance, yet you waste it all every month! You need Me to set you straight. You need to be controlled and trained. You’re so lucky you met such a clever girl like Me, I’ll teach you how to be useful for once. You will live to please Me, sexually and financially.

Purchase these delicious financial domination clips at Clips4Sale or Clipvia.  I posted a few other places before going out for the weekend, instructing you boys to buy My new clips and send plenty of tributes.  I was happy to see you took My orders seriously.  All who obeyed are in My high regards today and definitely made Me smile when I received the email alerts on My phone while I was out and about.  Doesn’t it feel good to please Me?

I’m getting ready to log online to webcam right now.  Should be on all day.  I also may record a clip or two.  Who’s in the mood for some foot fetish?  Yum!

Hot ass & legs in a shiny bikini & stockings

I want more shiny bikinis!

Talk soon, XoX. 😉