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What a crazy week.  I have been sooo busy.  I was dealing with My car quite a bit, the first two times I tried to jump it, it didn’t take.  Then today, third time was a charm.  Having My car out of commission really makes Me appreciate having one.  I don’t know what I’d do without it!  Especially in this frightfully cold weather.

I’ve been trying to get this whole website stuff figured out but I’m doing it all on My own and figuring it out as I go along.  I purchased a domain but I have no clue how to get it to redirect to My wordpress blog!  If anyone can help walk Me through it I’d be very grateful.

On an exciting note, I finally got My hair done, yay!  I had been putting it off for a while because I was waiting for the hair extensions I want to be in stock.  They are crazy back ordered though so I had to go in without them.  Bummer.  Oh well, they will be back in 2 weeks, so you boys better send Me a £150.00 Foxy Locks gift card for them before then!

Even more exciting is the fact that I do in fact get to have a birthday party!  I’ve been so hyped up planning it.  It’s turning out to be everything I’ve wished for.  I hope things go as they should hehe.  I bought this incredibly cute, bad ass dress I’m going to wear that night.  It’s got a light pink flowy skirt and a sexy bustier top with spikes on the tits.  So hot!  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the shoes I wanted online in time, so I’m going shopping tomorrow.  Eeeek, shoe shopping, a most favorite Princess activity.  If you want to contribute to My shoe fund, you can send Me your cash through a Clipvia Tribute.

It’s funny, I am so excited for this party it’s actually turning Me on lol!  I just know I’m going to look so f’ing cute and hopefully find some delicious heels, all My gorgeous friends will be there, dancing, partying.  It just makes Me tingle thinking about it hehe.  And of course I hope I get fucked, a lot.  That will be truly lovely.  I just wish it was warmer out so I could dress sluttier. ;D

I got a new HD camcorder as a birthday gift from one of My addicts, Will.  I recorded this seductive introduction to chastity video you definitely will want to check out.

Chastity Princess Kelly Sunshine in shiny gold and black

“Chastity is The Answer”
8 min – $9.99
I’m sick of putting up with your shortcomings and failures. You aren’t impressing Me. You need to change, to submit, and give in. It’s time I lock you up in chastity once and for all. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Controlling your orgasms is the ultimate power exchange.

Are you ready to hand over your keys? …You need to be controlled. 😉  Mmm can’t wait to see what kind of naughtiness this brings.

Talk to you all soon.  And don’t forget it’s not to late to send a birthday gift from My Amazon Wishlist.  I also am accepting CASH through Clipvia Tributes, CCbill and MyGirlFund.

XoX, Kelly

I’m wearing My gold g-string bikini and matching pleated mini skirt on cam for all My SHINY metallic addicts.  Lookin like a rockstar. 😉  You want Me.

I’m on webcam now at WebsFinest and AdultWork.

I’ve done quite a few shows today, but I’m sad because I couldn’t log into GlamWorship.  I know some of you are waiting for Me there but I’m not sure what’s going on with their software.  I also want to record a clip tonight since I’m looking so damn smoking hot.  Really in the mood to mind fuck you fools. 😉  Love getting inside your head and mixing your thoughts up til you melt into a little puddle in My hand.  What kind of twisted fantasies are you boys dreaming about lately?  Post a comment and let Me know.

Remember, My birthday is NEXT SATURDAY, January 12th.  Be sure to send Me lots and lots of presents, either as a gift off My Wishlist or a Giftcard – or contribute to My b-day fund either on CCBillClipvia or MyGirlFund.

XoXo, Kelly

Hi everyone. 🙂  As you may know, I’ve been using Blogger for the past few years (although I wasn’t too satisfied with it – it never motivated Me enough to keep updating.)  I spent some time today and began setting everything up over here on WordPress.  Have a look around.  I’ve posted all My written content with info about Me and My services, as well as a huge 100+ photo gallery.  I think I’m going to like it here.

Smokin hot blonde domme

You’re desperate for a peek at the shiny bikinis I wear under My clothes.

Any way, Happy New Year.  I had a fabulous Christmas.  I got a bunch of stuff I really wanted!  Some of My favorites were…

  • A gorgeous, vintage, lavender faux fur coat.
  • A new widescreen 24 inch LED computer monitor with full HD.
  • A high powered blender so I can make delicious, healthy smoothies every day.
  • DVD’s of My favorite shows.
  • …And of course, CASH!

I’ve been crazy busy with the holidays, New Years including, so unfortunately I haven’t been online often.  Things aren’t slowing down any time soon, either.  I have family coming into town next Wednesday and will be ultra busy spending time with them.  Then My birthday is coming up!  Saturday, January 12th.  I’m a Capricorn, and I’ll be turning 23.  I don’t really know what I’m going to do yet.  It’s been so insanely cold here lately I haven’t wanted to even leave the house.  Not to mention I’ve been having a ton of trouble with My car (had to replace two tires, the other two will need replacing soon, and now My dumb friend drove My car and left the lights on and the battery won’t start again.)  But maybe someone will take Me out to seafood and come up with something really exciting to do.  I’d like to have a party but don’t really want a bunch of people at My house lol.  Maybe someone will throw Me one.

You can send tributes for My birthday fund through CCBill, Clipvia or MyGirlFund.  Remember, starting this month I will be doing a contest for the biggest spenders!  Don’t you want to be special?  Then spoil Me, dorks. 😉  Every dollar spent on a Wishlist item or Giftcard also goes towards the contest.  Just send Me a receipt.  I know you’re desperate to be My favorite little piggy, so make Me proud.  I’ll be keeping you boys updated on the progress and we will see who can truly be somebody for Me.

Before I go, don’t forget to check out My newest clip, and keep an eye out for a new one tomorrow.

Sexy Financial Dominatrix Teasing

“Your New Years Resolution” Clip – This year I will own you.   15 min, $14.99.

You can buy it at Clips4Sale, Clipvia or MyGirlFund.

XoXo, Kelly