Still keeping you totally mind fucked!

This summer has been incredible!  Honestly, the best summer of My entire life so far.  I am truly living the Princess life.  If you know Me, you know I am sooo obsessed with music – and I have really gotten to enjoy My passion this year!  I’ve been to 6 music festivals and gone out of state for a handful of other concerts besides that so far.  It makes Me so happy and I love it.  I love traveling, meeting new people, exploring different cities – just enjoying Myself & being a free spirit.  For those of you who want to contribute to My happiness, I have two more out of state concerts I want to go to this year.  One is a festival the first weekend of September, and tickets are $125.  The second is a 3 day concert in October.  GA tix are $100, or I might do the VIP pass which is $550 but includes hotel.  Either way, I know how badly you dorks wanna make Me smile, so send GiftRocket cards to contribute!

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If you were wondering why I haven’t been online available for cam or phone sessions often this summer, now you know why.  If you want a session with Me, either email Me, or don’t delay when you see Me on Skype.  The minute I log on I am messaged by tons of subs hoping to serve.  Don’t lose your chance!  I have been coming online when I can, because as you know, I just love teasing and brainwashing you perverts as much as possible.  I highly enjoy the love letters I get from My addicts, confessing their obsession, pleading with Me for the chance to worship.  You losers just LOVE Me!!!  Here is a note I received yesterday:

Brainwashed into obsession!

He just cannot get enough of Me!  It definitely makes Me giggle watching the obsession grow.  I’m sure you know how he feels… In fact, I bet you can hear My voice in your head right now.  I’m that powerful.  You love it so much.  Needing Me is comforting, knowing that you don’t have to do too much to please Me because there’s only so much I want from you.  I want your adoration, your worship, your obedience, and your cash.  You can turn your brain off and become a mindless stroke & pay zombie for Me.  As long as you are obeying My orders, you can’t go wrong.  It’s so much easier to have a woman like Me in your life to spoil.  It’s such a relief to happily serve Me when My intentions with you are so straight forward.  It isn’t as complicated as having to deal with your wife or your girlfriend needing this and needing that, or expecting you to read her mind.  You know what I want, and that makes it so much easier to finally do something right.  You can finally do something that matters.  You can finally have a purpose in life.  It’s what you’ve always wanted.

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Not only have I been busy mind fucking dorks like you, traveling and just being amazing, but I finally found a new house to move into!  I’ve been talking about moving for ages – I’m always upgrading when I can.  I need a perfect Princess palace, and I finally found it.  It’s a gorgeous, four story town home in an awesome location.  It’s absolutely incredible and very unique.  Each story has a balcony that overlooks the living room.  My studio will be the bedroom that encompasses the entire top floor, and I will have so much room to play!  It has a walk in closet which made Me squeal with delight when I saw it.  The master bedroom has a huge bathroom attached, including a shower with a sky light.  So freaking cute.  The kitchen is gorgeous and opens up into a beautiful dining room.  There’s a fire place in the living room and the basement is completely finished.  I am so happy!  I signed the lease, put down a deposit, and I move in September 3.  Who wants to take Me shopping for new furniture and home decor?!  Hehehe I love shopping…

blonde findomme in rubber skirt

Speaking of shopping, I have had so many addicted boys filling up My mailbox with gifts!  It’s soooo much fun getting tons and tons of packages.  I love being spoiled!  And I know it gets you off so much to spend, spend, spend.   You *need* that rush financial domination gives you.  & It feels so good to imagine My face as I open presents sent by you!  Just watch these free clips I posted on Instagram (remember to follow!)…

You love it!  Now go run along and send Me MORE gifts from My wishlist!

Be sure to check out My KinkBomb store daily for updates.  As of today, My store has made it to the front page, coming in at #23 top store.  I’m also #17 top earner and #8 hot studio.  Come see for yourself!

Kinkbomb top lists

XoXo, Princess Kelly

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  1. calvin chavis says:

    You are so damm hott I truly love masturbating to your clips you make me so weak and would love to be your slave and do whatever you want and im not hung well but you get me so hard that I’m so close to 3.5 inches which is big for me also I’m single but when I get this new job and pay you I will approach you.

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