Slave Training Rules for Serving your Femdom Goddess


  • Princess is always right.
  • Do not bother Me until you have sent a tribute.  If you want to chat, call My phone sex line.
  • I decide how much My time is worth.  If I tell you to send more than I did yesterday, don’t question it.
  • Don’t ask for discounts.  Serving Me is a luxury.
  • If you pre-pay and leave during our session, our session is over.  There will be no splitting up into two sessions etc.  You will need to pay again.  Same rule applies if you pay and then tell Me you can’t do the session now.  Rescheduling is a burden to Me and therefor not an option.
  • If you want Me to consider you as My slave, you will buy all My clips and tribute regularly without being prompted.
  • Always spoil and know your place.
  • No fucking complaining.

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