“Everyday I get more addicted. She’s going out – I’m pulling up a Kelly Sunshine clip and putting my wedding ring up my ass!” – joeblow

“You are an angel… a dangerously erotic angel, lol! Your first custom is without doubt the favourite in my collection. It is so far above all the others it is in a different universe. Really looking forward to the 2nd one.” – Anonymous

“Just picked up one of your clips and I had to tell you how outstanding it was.  Taking You To The Limit was the clip.  Seriously hot as hell cash cock destruction.  Pacing was outstanding, and my god your delivery just oozed the pure pleasure of financially using a man.  Hot financial fuckery, and the kind of sexy greed that just puts a money dick on his knees with his wallet wrapped around his dick begging for you to fuck him deep, drain him dry and leave the fuck to lick his load off your heels.  Outstanding.”  – sugardaddybitch

“Seduction…  She is so young, but already a master at the art.  So hard to resist, and making it seem even harder to want to resist.  Thank You Princess Kelly”  – willpower

“I feel silly, like a happy puppy seeing its master coming home after waiting all day.  I’m a grown man and you are a young bratty girl, but damn if just the sight of you hasn’t reduced me into an obedient puppy.  Your shit really works and though you are evil (In the seductive way. Most girls on here believe being evil means to call you names or yell at you.) There are no ways around it.  Your knowledge and skills and ability to put them on video from the very beginning to the end, captivate peoples attention and totally have them fixated on you and what you say – is unbelievable.” – Icurious

“OMG JUST INCREDIBLE!!!!  What a tremendous job you did on my custom video, Kelly!  I’ve never had another experience nearly as satisfying.  You’re so beautiful and sexy, and true to your word.  How professional, and uniquely talented you are!!!!!”  – Tomas

“Kelly Sunshine is a stunning looking girl!!!  I think what makes her flawless is her personality combined with this SEXY AS HELL BODY. Let me say that she’s got also a really flirty voice that makes any horny man want more and more and more and more.  You should definitely give her a try, cause she’ll ROCK your WORLD”  – Anonymous

“Princess is so beautiful, I feel myself getting weaker every time I see her. Makes my wife look like a cheap whore.” – marriedvim

64 Replies to “Reviews”

  1. calvin chavis says:

    i cant wait till you start chastity training me for my chronic masterbation habit and you are the pro so i trust you.

  2. calvin chavis says:

    Hi princess…ok i said stuff to you befor about chastity training i even called you on niteflirt but i wussed out cause putting a steel chastity on my lil shaft and balls is one thing but mailing the keys scared me too much. I had some time to think and i do have chronic masterbation problemnd and i cant get nothing done so i need and no dotors can help so your pretty much the profecional on the subject and i read all your stuff and reviews i beleive you can train me or break my habit. As you may know from my sexually frustrated cock post i got a 3inch when teased and hard and only had sex 3 times in highschool after my mom quit making me wear pull ups and at the time thick like a diaper not like today. So… its been almost 8 years no wonder hand and pillow hump 24/7 i think cause i need it so bad and im weak n submissive.This fall ill move back in my moms and wont have no bills so ill get about $1600 and i guess youll put me on a allowence or something…or will talk when the time comes will be better. now i already got a steel cage lil tight.

  3. Matt says:

    Hi goddess

    I purchased some items you like from amazon , can we do online sessions together ?

  4. Matthew T says:

    I am so glad i have found you princess… you know whats best for any man especially a worthless one like myself… ive been going through your conditioning program and currently purchasing your blackmail application to further dedicate myself to your perfection… Thank you for allowing me to be your property. If theres ever anything i can do to make Prinxess happy, i am at ur beckon call

  5. Matt says:

    A true Goddess to be worshipped over and over.
    Princess Kelly should reign the world and especially all cocks.
    I must never cum without her permission and she should just keep my dick denied indefinitely.

  6. dumbsub says:

    I’d rather be Princess Kelly’s loser than any other woman’s winner, hands down.

  7. Duh. Skype Me.

  8. GODDESS KELLY, my birth name is Eric Weiss. my real name is piece of shit. I am a 48 year old jewish, virgin, total loser. I would very much like to become your whore. I will allow anyone to do anything to me, as long as they pay you first. my phone number is 570-762-2358. is there any chance that you would want to pimp me out?

  9. Mark says:

    I love those pink heels i would love that girl to stand full weight on my head with them & try to crush my skull with them.

  10. Arr says:

    hello, beautifull princess Kelly. i want to serve You, but i’m from Russia. is it possible to send You a key of my chasity ring? whether You have any experience of controlling someone far away from Your country?

  11. calvin chavis96 says:

    you could easily get blackmail information out of me just from having my cock locked up I’d have no choice but tell you everything you wanted to know.

  12. calvin chavis96 says:

    only if you knew how much power you have over me by haveing my cock locked up I’d give you power of attorney over my trust fund I’d be your perfect slave also I could never speed my beta seed I’d be all yours to play with and make do what ever you wanted I just need chastity training and your perfect to train me.

  13. Banti says:

    i want to buy your used much it cost Princess?

  14. Gordon says:

    I would love to be your cuckold bitch!!!

  15. Landon says:

    Hello Goddess

    I reviewed your site and would be honored to serve at your feet as your long term, blackmailed, financial pain and humiliation slave. Please contact me if you are interested so that we can discuss the terms of my enslavement.



  16. Tyler says:

    Wow I am ready to submit and pay tribute!

  17. joe says:

    100$ skype session. Cum eating humiliating? Cuckold?

  18. calvin chavis says:

    I just am so horny and teased by girls like you and I’m always masturbatingif you feel you have enough experience in chastity training I would like to be trained by you just let me know I will get ahold of you I’m walking up for a girl like you you speak there and let me out when I really need it the most

  19. Michael says:

    WOW – your legs!!!!

  20. Little pet says:

    Yummy 😉

  21. shoe daddy says:

    I would love to be your shoe shopping foot slave mistress!

  22. nathan evans says:

    Hello Princess Kelly

    I’ve been stuck in your website for the last hour staring at you. I ache to serve you and am addicted already.

    I am 31 newly married professional from Cardiff south Wales . My new and beautiful wife doesn’t know but I am a blackmail pig and have an addiction to submitting all my control and choices to young beautiful girls. I would ache to give you so much power, that I could never disobey you or you could destroy me.

    My wife is beautiful princess and I love her and would hate to lose her, but you are perfection


    Nathan Evans

  23. bootlicker josh says:

    Princess Kelly,

    i would gladly lick anything You wanted me to. Whether it is your feet, your butt, you boots, your heels, another man’s cock, every drop of cum, Anything as long as it made You happy


  24. Craig Lewis says:

    Wow, You could be soo dangerous to me…I can see that it would be too easy for me to become totally addicted to You.
    I am sure I am not telling You anything that You don’t already know…just wanted to express my infatuation for You!

  25. Lexi and Adam says:

    Hi there,
    My hubby lived your custom leg crossing clips and I’d like to get him a custom one done. Do you have a pair of stilettos similar to these? How about a thin gold or silver anklet?


  26. bootlicker josh says:

    Princess Kelly,
    It would be impossible not to obey You

  27. kellysunshine at pm . me 🙂

  28. Connor says:

    You can send me some of that lol

  29. Adrien says:

    Hello Princess Kelly, which shoes do you have for sale and how much do they cost?
    I’m yours! <3

  30. Tommy says:

    Wow.. you’re fucking hot <3

  31. Scott says:

    You made me spend $300 very quickly. Then we lost contact. We were on Skype and then you made me do amazon gift cards. When can we hook up again. I just came into $20,000 baby

  32. Danny says:

    Princess Kelly, My love of female feet as a teen led me to reading fetish fantasy stories that introduced me to forced-bi and discovering that I could suck myself off. I’ve been addicted to sucking my cock to pictures/videos of blondes with sexy feet ever since. I purchased your videos “Your dirty secret”, “Suck cock for me”, “Stroke to my feet” and you are the best gay tease ever!!! Thank you soo much for your talents. Please make more gay tease videos where you show your bare soles waving in the air while you lay on the bed looking into the camera. Sucking a big dick to earn the privilege of kissing your sexy little tippy toes is something I just can’t get out of my head. I would suck cock for you on video or in person anyday. Just email me.

  33. Mike says:

    Gorgeous photos goddess.

  34. jim says:

    Princess Kelly I believe you are right to control men, you are a naturally superior woman and have every right to do the things you do. I think you are a great woman to worship obey and serve

  35. jim says:

    princess kelly I think you are totally amazing and certainly a superior lady in every respect. you deserve to be worshipped and given gifts
    i wish you great success

  36. Jorge says:

    If economically, I could travel to you, I prostrate before your royal feet,
    I kneel before your imperial presence and I would be slave forever and
    always, even the smallest of your hair, Oh, Goddesses Divine

    Sometimes I imagined women (including dolls, fembots, gimbots, transsexuals are now women, etc.) as almighty, including magical powers. Able to be
    giants, to lengthen each and every one of vsus hairs, moving them as arms
    and legs, moving hairs, take with them what they want, as if they were
    strings, like articulated enough that the smallest their hair, to enslave
    all the infinite.

  37. Send custom requests to sexykellysunshine at Can’t wait to hear your idea.. 😉

  38. Mike says:

    Hi Princess Kelly.

    I’ve purchased a couple of your clips via clips4sale and wow! Definitely the best I’ve seen. How do I go about requesting a custom clip? It’s a fantasy I’m sure you will have a lot of fun filming and I know you’re the only one capable of doing it well. Thanks, Mike.

  39. You’re hopeless!!!!

  40. Fotol says:

    I see you and it makes me want to stroke my cock

  41. Alexanders says:

    I want to be in chastity forever just for you my princess. I’ll give you everything you want. just throw the keys of the lock to the ocean and you can do what you want with me. I’ll be your slave forever. If i have to be punished, you can crush my testicles with sexy high heels or castrate them. i’ll give you all my money just for you… my princess.

  42. Her-pet says:

    OMG, can´t believe the two most beautiful, blonde Princesses Kelly and Alli have met. Thank you for posting a picture of Your double perfection.
    Kisses and thanks on twenty royal toes:) – thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss, thanks, kiss…..

  43. Sadi Madi says:

    i dont GODDESS, i really don’t deserve to breathe the same air that You do, its just Your greatness that You are letting scums like me live on this planet, we live to please and worship You our whole pathetic and meaningless lives. ThankYou Goddess, for letting us live and giving us opportunity and a platform to worship You

  44. Sadi madi says:

    Greetings Goddess Kelly

    i called YOU “Goddess” because in my opinion a WOMEN divine and beautiful as YOU ,deserve a title something more worthy and worshipful. i visited YOUR website few weeks back and am very very much addicted to Your beauty, i mean i cant describe my addiction to YOU in words, now only YOU can save me, please have mercy on me, and allow me to live beneath YOUR heavenly feet, please GODDESS, i need YOU . though am a low life and non-existent , but please i pray to YOU, please hear my prayers. GODDESS KELLY

    a desperate slave

  45. martin goe (Kellysfootboy) says:

    Princess, You are so right in everything. After serving You for weeks and working hard to be worth of being Your slave, I realize that You are a true Goddess, the most beautiful Woman on this planet, and the most powerful Princess, that can make men do everything She wants. I will work harder every day to make Your life easier. I live for You. Thank You so much for giving me this opportunity..

  46. Tim says:

    It makes me feel so weak just reading this!

  47. Anon says:

    Wow you sound amazing! Are you accepting applications for slaves? I have many skills that you may find useful (graphics, photoshop, editing). Feel free to task me 🙂

  48. oink oink – I will princess … im on here 24/7 xxxxxxxx

  49. marty says:

    hello Princess. i am totally submissive to You. i will do anything to please You including ass kissing and licking. Anything for Your enjoyment, princess.

  50. Dear Princess Kelly Sunshine

    I am Richard 31 yrs old and I stumbled across ur website the other evening. Basically in short, its making me addicted, I look at ur site literally all the time wank over ur pics and videos on dailymotion, I want you to start controlling me more n more n more I BEG and turn me into ur online pet that oinks for you each time you watch me I BEG you to pay me attention and guide me into a way that makes you happy I WANT TO BE CALLED A GOOD PIG for you and degrade me more and more and more to make me very helpless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. Stephen says:

    Thee hottest woman on the face of this earth!!! Wish princess Kelly ruled and reigned over all eternity!!!! I humbly kneel and bow down to your perfection princess Kelly!

  52. Gustin says:

    You are so gorgeous.

  53. william says:


  54. mark says:

    Great pictures, i can easily see myself falling for You in a big way

  55. Matt says:

    Hi there, Princess Kelly. I think you are absolutely gorgeous and flawless; I love your tits, ass, smile, eyes, your figure, everything. I love your Forced Bi clips. I look forward to buying more of your forced bi/gay clips in the future. I fantasize about you forcing me down on my knees in front of your boyfriend to become your personal cocksucker.

  56. Hi there. No I don’t smoke (Unless you want to send a gift card for an e-cig – I do, however, love doing hypnosis sessions. Feel free to contact Me any time you see Me online. Skype: sexykellysunshine.

  57. Michael Tancredi says:

    Saw you on dailymotion. Very mesmerized. I was hoping for a Skype hypnosis session. Want you to hypnotize me into becoming your slave. Do you smoke.

  58. Dominic Williams says:

    this is something that would be a dream come true. Humiliated by such an amazing woman!

  59. Dominic Williams says:

    Now that seems like something everyone should be doing anyway!!

  60. Quinze says:

    I don’t think I can refrain much longer. I am going to fill Your application form Goddess.

  61. Sab says:

    Hi Kelly, do you accept amazon gift card? and if I buy a panties, can you send me a pic or video of you wearing it? Thanks

    You’re amazing girl <3

  62. Keep dreaming!!!

  63. Ali says:

    Do you sell used condoms? I would love nothing more than to pin the used condom to the wall and pray to it every morning hoping someday I will have the privilege of watching you fuck your man. Thank you so much for bringing meaning to my life!

  64. Timothy Rowland says:

    omg I didn’t know you sat down and asked my bills first to make sure I was taken care of before you budget me … that’s a huge turn on 🙂

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