Cash Meet Findom Sessions

WHAT IS A CASH MEET? You’ve probably heard of a “cash meet” if you’ve been in the Financial Domination scene for a while. You may have seen Dominants on Twitter taking appointments while they’re out and about. Maybe you’ve seen them announcing they’ll be traveling through your city, with a

Service-Oriented Submission

Service is at the core of what a D/s (Dominant/submissive) dynamic is built on. For a submissive who loves to serve and please, seemingly nonsexual acts of service spark a flame of excitement and passion inside. Therefore, to best enjoy the service-oriented fetish, it is important to bring forth what

How to be an Owned Femdom Slave to a Cruel Mistress or Gentle Femdom

Take your submission deeper by being my owned Femdom slave Curious submissives often ask how to become my Femdom slave. I play with many toys, but few are lucky enough to earn the title of My Pet. For Fun or Forever? If you desire a more long-term, or even permanent