Building My Empire and Still Draining Financial Domination Pay Slaves

I am just glowing right now!  Today is sunny and beautiful, warm but with a nice fall breeze.  Feels sooo good.  I took My puppy for a walk and let him romp in a few leaves that have fallen already.  We went to the pet store to get him some more food and the employee who helped Me and carried My bags out to the car was super cute.  I have been a little bit boy crazy lately, I can’t deny it. 😉  After that I blasted some deep house music in My work out room, danced around a bit, then exercised for an hour.  Felt amazing!  I went and whipped up a home made sugar body scrub with delicious smelling essential oils and took a nice long shower.  My skin is so soft and I smell like coconuts and lavender.  I always say I constantly smell like a lavender cupcake (and I look like one too!)  Ugh I’m so fucking cute, hehe.


Isn’t My life just amazing?  There is nothing better than life as a Findom Princess.  It’s so much fun!  My pay pigs and loyal slaves keep My bank account fat and cushy just the way I like it. 😉  My life is exactly how I want it to be because I’m smart and clever enough to get everything I can imagine.  I run multiple businesses all on My own and I love every minute of what I do.  I work for Myself only and listen to no one.  I leave the bitch work for, well, you know.. 😉  It’s so hard not to brag when My life is so perfect.


I have been having such an amazing time this year.  I haven’t updated My blog in a while but last time I told you guys I went to Vegas.  I have taken many more trips around the country since then, all adventurous and exciting in different ways.  I’ve met so many fun people and made awesome friends!  I love traveling, it gives Me such a thrill to have new experiences.  I especially love being in nature – I am addicted to sunsets!  I just got back from what will be My last camping festival of the year and it was incredible.  My hot friends and I had a cabin right on the beach where there was music playing all day and night.  I got to show off tons of sexy bikinis and little sundresses that made everyone stare.  So many cuddles and kisses from gorgeous girls and boys all weekend.  Absolute perfection.


I love that I can just turn My phone on for a few hours and have all these vacations paid for by losers and addicts like you.  Seriously?  I just fucking laugh and torment you until your credit card is completely drained.  I even had this loser who spent days on the phone with Me on My ignore fetish line.  He spent thousands of dollars and I never even said a fucking word to him.  It’s hilarious!  Especially because you can’t quit worshiping.  I keep releasing new femdom clips every single day and let’s face it – you will never be able to resist buying!  Every day you see My new clips appear, or an email in your inbox from Me, or My name come online on Skype.  I make it so hard to stay away because I’m everywhere.  Come on though, you fucking love it.  You need Me!  You need to be controlled by a bratty young Princess who understands all your kinky desires and fetishes.  The only girl who can make you jerk off to the thought of hard cocks in your mouth, force you to tell Me what a little slut you are, and then give you instructions to put your legs over your head and cum onto your own face!  You were never really that into this filthy twisted stuff before, but once you began to worship Me your subconscious kinda trailed off and now My voice is all you can hear in your head…  Oh but it feels so good.  It’s obvious I’m more intelligent than you.  I get what I want just by snapping My fingers.  Of course I know what is best for you.  This is why you will always obey Me.


You will call Me each and every time you see Me on Niteflirt, even if it’s just to tell Me you love and worship Me and to send a tribute.  You will buy every single new clip I release, no matter what.  These are the things a good slave boy does for his Princess.  You want to be a good boy, don’t you?  I assume you have seen My newest and most favorite clip site yet –  I want you addicts to buy all of My clips there from now on.  Not only do I price clips $1 less expensive there which is good for you (awww, I’m soooo generous) but they also give Me the highest payout of any site ever – which is obviously fantastic for Me!  I just love this site so don’t be a fuck up and spend all your money there.  It’s what I want, and I always get what I want.  I will have a full review of how amazing this new site is soon because I don’t want you imbeciles to forget.


For now, I’m going to walk up to the coffee shop and sip a latte while editing clips.  Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll login to Skype and Yahoo for webcam and phone sex sessions.  Talk to you freaks later!

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