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Hot Blonde in Bikini

A Princess can never have too many bikinis!

OMG it’s actually sunny out today.  What a pleasant surprise.  I think I’m going to go rollerblading later.  But first, I’m going to have some fun with you losers on Skype, Yahoo and Kik.  Screen name is “sexykellysunshine

I’ll be doing (PAID) chat, phone and webcam sessions for a few hours.

I also have a new clip store at Kinkbomb – check it out!  There are a lot of things I like about the site already.  Not to mention the fact My store made the “Hot Studios” list within hours of being open. *giggles* Oh you boys can’t get enough, can you!?

I spent some time yesterday making graphics for My website and profiles.  Here is one I think is long over due and definitely necessary if you ask Me…  A tribute button to pay your damn cum tax, dork!

Many of you already do this without being prompted, but this will serve as a good reminder for those of you who don’t.  Now every time you are alone in your room, obsessing over My photos and clips, masturbating like the Princess Addict you are – knowing full well I own your cock AND your orgasms… And when that icky little thing finally does, you need to personally THANK Me for allowing you pleasure at that moment.

Pay your Cum Tax!

Oh yes, it feels sooo good to pay Me.  It feels so good to SPOIL Me!  One of My favorite slaves right now sent Me the tripod I wanted, and I believe it should be here by the end of the week.  OMG, I can’t wait.  My webcam has been fucking up when I try to record clips, and I’ve had a hard time filming with My camcorder bc I didn’t have a proper tripod.  Well those days will be over soon.  Once it arrives, I’m going to film a few financial domination clips, some more pantyhose fun, fashion, tease & Goddess worship, and of course foot domination – maybe even a little blackmail fantasy.  I think you suckers will surely enjoy yourselves.

In other news, as you all know, I adore shopping.  SO – My wishlist is overflowing.  I’ve been talking to some of you recently about some of the bikinis and swimsuits I want for this summer – beach time and festival wear.  I also have a ton of super adorable summer dresses I’m dying to finally slip into once it warms up.  I’ll be posting a more specific wishlist blog soon.

XoX, Princess Kelly Sunshine

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